The Canon DSLR offered with the INFINITE booth can perform slow motion capabilities at 60 FPS (frames per second) which will play back at 50% speed. For a slow motion experience as slow as 12.5% speed, we use the The Point Grey Flea 3 slow motion camera. The Flea 3 and Grasshopper 3 are the ONLY slow motion video cameras supported with the INFINITE photo booth as well as Photo Booth Upload software.

Please read below for more information on the specifications of the Point Grey Flea 3 slow motion camera.

Here is the link to the Point Grey Website and the Flea 3 we use for slow motion video capture:


120 (FPS) 25% speed in HD resolution.

240 (FPS) 12.5% speed in lower resolutions.

Plugs in via USB 3.0 so there's no need for external power. If you are using a laptop, make sure that the laptop is connected to a power outlet. Sometimes laptop USB ports go to a lower power mode if they are running on battery power.

Includes Flycap2 - Point Grey Camera software

Flea3 model: FL3-U3-13S2C-CS - RoHS 1.3 MP Color Flea3 USB 3.0 Camera, 1/3 CMOS, CS-Mount

Grasshopper3 models: GS3-U3-32S4C and GS3-U3-23S6C

LENS-30F2-V80CS - RoHS Fujinon 2.8-8mm vari- focal CS-mount lens - You can learn more about the lens HERE


Since the frame rate is very high, the data from camera uses a lot of memory, so the total duration of allowed recording is limited. It will ultimately depend on your computer's available RAM. At maximum resolution, we generally recommend not recording more than 5 seconds. You can see the Maximum Record Time in seconds in PBU Camera Settings > Slow Motion Camera.

We recommend setting Slow Motion Camera Video Mode to 960x720 @ 120 fps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will my Canon DSLR shoot slow motion?

Yes and No.  With the Canon DSLR you will be limited to 50% speed, 60 FPS. The Point Grey camera we offer can go as slow as 12.5% speed.

What is the recommend lighting for the slow motion functionality of the Infinite photo booth?

The slow motion camera does need a constant source of light.  What we do is put an LED panel on the top of the INFINITE with the included baby pin. You can also use some soft boxes on stands.  An LED panel like the one linked HERE will work quite well.

My Point Grey is hot to the touch, is that an issue?

The camera can become hot to the touch but this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

What are the controls on my Slow Motion camera?
The hardware controls on the camera allow you to zoom in and out, manually focus the camera and control how much light hits the sensor with the aperture control.



General issues?

To ensure smooth functionality, make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your camera.  Choose the correct operating system based on your configuration and download the  Drivers from HERE.

Slow motion camera preview not showing up in the software?

This is probably because the aperture of the camera is closed. Ensure that the aperture on the camera itself is completely open by adjusting the aperture switch.

My camera is detected in PBU but there is no video?

Please exit PBU and open the Point Grey FlyCap 2 software in the start menu.  You can then close that software and re-open PBU. The camera adjustment sliders for the slow motion camera should now work in PBU. You can also adjust the aperture switch on the slow motion camera to increase the brightness.  If the issue persists, attempt hitting the refresh button on the flycap2 (Grey Point Camera software).

Why will my slow motion video not stop processing?

Check your camera settings.  Ensure under Slow Motion Camera that the Video Mode is not set to the highest ratio. It defaults to 1328x1048, but this results in a HUGE file. We find if you change the Video Mode to 960x720 @ 120fps it will process much faster. Also, we always suggest setting video output in PBU to WMV - Medium quality, to minimize processing time.