You can set up PPU Kiosk to print from a specific printer. This is useful if you have multiple printers enabled in Helper but want one of them to print from a certain sharing station.


Launch PPU Kiosk and press S on the keyboard or double click the antenna in the bottom right corner to access the Settings screen


Select the PPU Helper tab and connect the Kiosk to Helper.


You'll notice on this tab there is an option to Assign Kiosk Printer and Assign Kiosk Flipbook Printer. Select the printer you want to use with this Kiosk from the drop down menu and click OKNow you're all set to print images or flipbooks from a specific printer.


Note: If you have designated that certain page designs will print to specific printers in your PBU application, then those settings will override any settings you make in your Kiosk.


(A tutorial on assigning multiple page designs to printers can be found HERE.)

You're now set to have your images print from a selected printer!