Test… Test Early… Test often!

Be sure to test your events and settings beforehand. You should test as closely as possible to the event conditions (Create your event in event manager and test it directly. If you are going to be using a hotspot at the event… Test with a hotspot, etc.). Test early! If your event is Saturday morning and you are testing it out Friday night, you might not have time to fix any issues you find. For our events, we try to test at least 3 days in advance.

Have Backups for Everything on Site with you (INCLUDING PHOTO BOOTH UPLOAD*). If it can Break, Have A Backup!

Cameras break… Have a backup. Computers break… Have a backup. keyboards/mice break… Have a backup. Monitors break… Have a backup. Internet sources break… Have a backup. USB cords break… Have backups. Power cords break… Have backups. iPads and tablets break… Have backups. You can always DOWNLOAD Photo Booth Upload Software WITHOUT INSTALLING it onto a back up computer too. This way, when you install it on your computer for the first time you can take advantage of our TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL. With the trial you can use Photo Booth Upload to its full capacity, without watermarks for Two Weeks- and its associated with your Photo Party Upload account. 

Export/Save Your Photo Booth Upload (.PBU) File

When you have finished creating your PBU settings (Green screens, GIFs, Videos etc.) Go to the preferences pages and EXPORT SETTINGS on the top right of the page. Save this file to your desk top and to a flash drive.  This way if your PBU must be restarted for any reason and your settings don't load you have all your settings ready to be reloaded by hitting IMPORT SETTINGS on the top right. For more information on Exporting and Importing, check out our tutorial HERE.

Know Your Event Venue

Is there enough room for everything? What lighting will you need? Does the venue provide Wi-Fi? Is there a firewall on the Wi-Fi (A firewall on the Wi-Fi can mean PPU will not work!)? (Even if there is venue Wi-Fi… Have a backup!). Do you have enough power outlets?

Use Your Own SendGrid Account 

Photo Party Upload gives you the option to send emails through your own email service provider and with your own email address. SendGrid is an email service provider that we recommend to increase the chances your emails won't be blocked or sent to spam.  You can follow our tutorial on SendGrid HERE.

Use the Default Facebook App

This app will post the photos "via event photos"... Facebook is very particular about these apps, creating your own is a pain, and opens you up to potential problems uploading to facebook if they change settings (which they do). It's a lot of risk for very little benefit.