When using Photo Booth Upload it’s possible to set up multiple page designs of different sizes and have them print to the same printer (or different printers) during your event. Say, for example, that you wish to have 2x6 photostrips and single 6x4 photos available at your event, the following instructions can help you set that up with either 1 or 2 printers.


NOTE: The following tutorial will use the Mistubishi CP70D printer for our examples. You'll be able to use any printer you like, but the specific printer settings may be different depending on your printer model.


A tutorial for installing the Mistubishi CP70D drivers on Windows computers can be found HERE.


Open up Photo Booth Upload and press S to open Settings.



On the Page Designer tab, go ahead and select the User Select option. We’ll need this later.



Select Create New Page Layout.


Make sure that you set the first page layout’s size so that it matches up with the paper size that you have loaded into the first printer. In this example, we’ll be using 6x4.



Insert a new photo holder (or more if you want...) and place it on the page as you see fit. (If you need any more help creating page designs, check out this tutorial for more information.)



Lastly select Printer Settings. This will open up a new window...



Enable Save Printer Settings.



Select your desired printer (the one loaded with the proper paper size) from the drop down menu.



Click the Configure button next to the drop down menu.




Select the appropriate page size for the paper from the drop down menu. Here, I’ve selected 4x6 (6x4s will be automatically rotated).



That’s one Page Design assigned to a printer and taken care of! Now for number 2...

For the second Page Design, we'll choose a photo strip and select the appropriate printer settings. We’ll be retracing some similar steps that we covered earlier in setting up our first printer.



Back in the Page Designer tab, click Create New Page Layout.



Once again, make sure that the proper paper size is selected in the under the Page Size options.



Enable the Create Photo Strip option and select your number of strips. 



Make sure you have your photo holders in place...



Select the Printer Settings button.




Enable Save Printer Settings once again. Select the same printer as your first page design, or if you have a second printer with you, you can select that one instead!



Click Configure.



Make sure that the paper size option is configured for the proper size. Since we’re using photostrips, we’re going to go with Type 1(2x6x2).

(With the Mitsubishi printer, Type 1 is used when the software (PBU) sends a single 2x6 strip and the printer doubles it. Type 2 is used when the software sends a double strip layout and the printer simply has to cut it. PBU outputs one 2x6 strip to improve online sharing, so the printer should be set to Type 1.)




After “OK-ing” all of your recent settings changes, you’ll make your way back to the Page Designer tab. Since you've already selected User Select in Page Design Mode, simply click the Select button on the thumbnail of each Page Design you want to use.

Great! Now you’re all set to either print 2 page designs to a single printer, or to print 2 page designs to two different printers. Remember to have those printers selected in the Helper!