For any event where you have Graphical Stats enabled, one of the statistics pages is for "Estimated Social Reach."

So, how do we calculate this number?

Anytime a photo (or video or GIF) is shared to Instagram or Twitter through Kiosk, the Helper app will gather that users follower count (these numbers are also shown in the Event Statistics .csv file in Event Manager).

Since not every follower will see a given photo, we factor in an estimate that 30% of a users' followers will see any given posted media.

Additionally, many users will e-mail or text themselves a photo and then post it on social media. So for each user that e-mails or texts a photo we estimate 75 people will see it.

The overall calculation for estimated social reach ends up like this:

(# of Followers of every post) x 30% + (# of texts + # of e-mails) x 75 = Estimated Social Reach