Using PPU Kiosk you can enable features such as Background Removal options that will allow your guests to change the background after taking a Green Screen Photo (Using Kiosk Chroma Key settings), or changing the background for your guest without using a green screen at all (Screenless background removal).  Follow along below on how to set up and use Screenless and Chroma Key Background Removal options within PPU Kiosk. 

Enabling Background Removal in PPU Kiosk


Ensure you have Enable Background Removal enabled with graphics loaded in your Event settings at For a tutorial on setting this up, please visit our Enable Background in Event Manager tutorial HERE


With photos already in the watched folder and PPU Kiosk correctly receiving photos, double tap or long hold the antenna in the bottom right corner to open the PPU Kiosk settings. Navigate to the Photo Edit tab.


Under Photo Edit, there will be a section called Background Removal with the options for: Disable, Screenless, Chroma Key (Settings), and Replace Original Photo. It appears like so:

Select the option that best corresponds with your set up. If you're not using a green screen, choose Screenless. If you're using a green screen, select Chroma Key and use the Settings button to configure the chroma key. Check Replace Original Photo to permanently replace the original image with a background when background removal is applied.


This section will cover how to use the Screenless option.  If you'd like to learn how to use Chroma Key instead, continue below to the Chroma Key section.  


Select Screenless then OK to exit the settings screen. Select a photo you would like to change the background of and select Remove Background. You must do so in Slide view like so:


You'll now see your photo with a menu on the left side. The menu options include:

Draw Foreground: This will allow you to draw where the foreground is. Draw a line across the width of your subject (shoulders or widest points), as well as up and down the length of the subject. When drawn, these lines appear in blue.

Remove Background: This allows you to draw around the subject to remove the background.  Draw a line around your subject, lightly following the sides of your subject. When drawn, the line appears as red.

Adjust: This will allow you to select and add available backgrounds (if loaded in your Event Manager).

Undo:  Undo will allow you to undo any work that has been made.

Magnify: This creates a magnification tool that will appear as you draw on the foreground/background.

With Draw Foreground selected, draw a line across the width and length of your subject. Then select Remove Background and draw a line around your subject. It will appear like so:

Once you are done indicating the Foreground and Background, the software will process and automatically remove the background. Leaving just your foreground/subject available.


Select Adjust and notice the backgrounds we loaded in Event Manager are now displayed at the bottom. Choose a background that you would like to use. Once selected, feel free to use the green circle that appears to resize and rotate the image. Or click and drag on the image itself to re-position it. It will appear something like so:


Once you are happy with the look of the image, tap the green Done Editing bar at the top. From there, you'll be able to select your newly edited photo and share it with all your sharing enabled options. Congrats!

Chroma Key

Here you'll learn how to select a different background when shooting against a green screen.


Press S on the keyboard or double click the antenna in the bottom of PPU Kiosk to open the settings.


Select Photo Edit then under Background Removal, select Chroma Key then click Settings next to it.


Here you will see your first green screen image populate next to a number of Color Adjustment and Chromakey Settings that can be adjusted to create a clear image with no green screen. These options include:

Color Adjustments

  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Hue

Chromakey Settings

  • Threshold
  • Softness
  • Gray
  • Key Color

Adjust these settings to make the color of your image perfect and to removal all trace of the green screen.


Once you are finished making your adjustments, select OK and OK again to return to select your photos


You'll notice that all your Green Screen photos now automatically have had a background applied to them. If you have more than one background available, look at a photo in Slide view and Select Choose Background. In the new window you can choose from the backgrounds you previously uploaded. You can also select Choose Background to adjust the position of the guest in the photo.


Once you are done editing your photo, click Done Editing at the top.  You're can now select and share your photo with the new background.

You did it!  You completely enabled Background Removal in Event Manager and chose backgrounds using Screenless and Chroma Key settings! Congrats!

* * *

PLEASE NOTE: If you're on the Pay Per Upload or $30 Per Event package, a charge of $12.00 will be added to your invoice for the use of the Background Removal Feature (enabled within Event Manager at

ATTENTION iPAD KIOSK USERSAs of late 2019, a known issue is present in the iPad Kiosk where there is a noticeable image quality reduction when Background Removal is used. This will be remedied in future iterations of the iPad Kiosk application. This does not effect Windows Kiosk.