With SmugMug you can create an online album that you can share with all guests at an event and even charge for reprints. Photo Party Upload can upload to SmugMug automatically if you follow these steps.

Go to https://www.smugmug.com/ and create an account. You can use an existing account if you already have one.


Steps 2-4 specify how to create a gallery in Smugmug. You can also create a Smugmug gallery directly in your event settings. Skip to Step 5 if you'd like to do so.

On your account page click Organize.


Click the Green button on the left that says Create, then select Gallery.


Name your Gallery, adjust any settings you like, and click Create at the bottom of the window.


Open the Event Manager webpage by going to http://login.photopartyupload.com/ and logging in.


Create or Edit an existing event. Select the "Sharing" tab on the left side of the screen, then click on "Smugmug" at the top, and check the box for "Upload to SmugMug gallery."

On the bottom of the page click the link that says "Click to login to SmugMug..."


A pop-up window should appear asking you to authorize Photo Party Upload. You may have to login to SmugMug in this window. After authorizing Smugmug, the window should close automatically.


Select your album in the drop down menu or create one directly from Event Manager by typing in the Album Name field.

You can also specify a Smugmug folder in which to save your gallery.


Click Submit at the bottom left of the screen to save your Event settings.


Refresh your Events in the Helper and then open the Helper Configure menu.


To begin uploading click the green button at the bottom of the Configure window that says "START upload photos in watched folder to SmugMug gallery."


  • Only photos added to the watched folder AFTER the green button is pressed will be uploaded to SmugMug. Any photos in that folder before the button was pressed will not upload. If you would like to upload old photos simply cut and paste those photos back into the watched folder.
  • If you wish your guests to have access to all the photos for your event, you can use a Smugmug URL (which can also be edited to your prefence) to add a link to your sharing preferences.  This way your guests will see a link within their post that will lead them to the gallery of media.  You can find and edit the Smugmug URL within the setting of your smugmug account.

Download Photos / Videos from a Gallery

If you want your guests to be able to download their Images off of your Smugmug gallery for free, you may need to check your settings to turn the feature ON.  Follow along below:

1. Log in to your Smug Mug account and click on the specific gallery you are looking to edit. Go Settings.


In Gallery Settings hit 1. Photo Protection, then 2. Turn the Download Buttons to "on." 3. Additionally, you can set a password that guests can type in to allow a download of their images.  If this is turned on, you can set the password you desire and you will need to provide this password to your guests.


Hit SAVE at the bottom of the Gallery Settings window and your guests are now able to download their photos free of charge!

Congratulations!  You're now set with Smugmug to display your events media within a gallery!