Graphical Stats is an Extra feature that you can add from the Statistics tab of the Extras screen in Event Manager. Check the box that says Enable Graphical Stats to be provided with a downloadable PDF following your event.

The Graphical stats PDF has graphs, pie charts, estimated social reach, and other useful metrics in an easy to read, graphic format. Many clients prefer this to a spreadsheet of event data!

Please Note:  As an Extra, you will be charged an additional $15.00 for enabling Graphical Stats. There will be no charge if you are on the Unlimited Monthly or Yearly plans.

Once enabled, you'll have the option to include a custom 1920x1080 PNG or JPEG image to the background of the graphical stats page by selecting Upload a File and choosing the image from your computer. If no image is loaded, the graphical stats will use our default image, as seen in the example attached at the end of this article.

Following your event, you can download your Graphical Stats PDF from the "Download" column at your events page at

The type of information that will be available in graphical stats are as follows:

  • How many shares across your enabled sharing options (as well as the most used)
  • Estimated Social Reach (for more information, please refer to our social reach tutorial HERE)
  • What type of Media was used
  • Response Rate
  • Top Social influences

***NOTE*** When using Graphical Stats, it is very important to create or use an empty watched folder before enabling the feature for an event. otherwise the Media statistic will include all preexisting media, in addition to the media created/imported during your event.

Attached is a Sample of our Graphical Stats PDF.  Graphical Stats shows you how many users used Facebook, SMS and Twitter and your estimated social reach (How Estimated Social Reach is Calculated).