You have the ability to create Surveys to gather information about your clients or as a mere additional fun activity for you guests.  If enabled, your guests will be prompted to complete a multiple choice question or text input response when they upload or print.  Follow along below to learn how to create your own survey in Event Manager and how to enable it for your own Event.

Please Note: Guests will be prompted for the survey once they select their choice for social sharing or printing. Surveys can be available when sharing from PBU (as long as it is enabled in the Preferences tab) and PPU Kiosk. Lastly, guests will be required to enter an email address when Surveys are enabled. 


Login to your account at and click on the Surveys tab near the top of the page:



Once on the Surveys tab, click the Add New Survey link.


Here you will give your survey a Name and Description, set if the survey is Required (must be completed for sharing options), and create Multiple choice or Input text questions/answers for your guests.  Once you have completed the details of your survey, press Save at the bottom.


With a survey created, go back to the green Events tab and click the name of your event. Or create a new event!


Select Extras from the menu on the left, then click Survey at the top.


Select your survey from the drop down menu in the center of the screen. Then, if all your other Event details are in place, click Submit and then Accept the Terms of Use to save your settings.

When your guests choose their method of sharing or printing their photo, they will be prompted with survey questions before they share. If the survey is not required to be completed before sharing, the client will have the option to Opt Out. Otherwise, all clients will be required to complete the survey prior to uploading or printing their photos.


Once the event is over, navigate back to and click the Event Data link that's in line with your event name. This will download a .xlsx document that will contain all the information gathered from your survey.

There You have it!  You've created and enabled a Survey an on Event.

As a reminder, be sure to have Collect User Data (Options > Data Collect) checked in your event as well, so that you can retrieve the information from your survey at the end of the event by clicking Download Event Data from the Event Manager home page.