You can charge your guests for uploads and prints by enabling and configuring the setting within your Event.  Follow along below to set that up!

Please Note:  A charge of $10.00 will be applied to your account for the use of the Charge Guests feature. Unlimited Monthly and Unlimited Yearly packages will incur no extra cost. 


Login to your account at and create a new event, or select a pre-exisiting event to edit.


On the settings of your Event, select Extras from the menu on the left, then select Charge Guests at the top.  Check the box labeled Charge Guests for Sharing Features.


Once enabled, the Sell Photos Rates (leave field empty for free sharing) box will appear. In this box you can set the prices for all your sharing features. Leave the fields blank if you don't want to charge anything. The Attendant Code is used for taking cash or using other services like Square or Paypal. Simply set a code that the attendant will enter to approve sharing after payment.


Once you have entered the prices for your available sharing features, and have adjusted any other settings for your event, click Submit to save your event details.  


Once you have submitted your event, refresh your Helper and test!

If you're using Photo Booth Upload, please navigate to the Credit Card Stripe tutorial HERE. You'll be able to take credit card payments right from the booth!

Congrats!  You have now are familiar with how to set up your event to charge your guests!