In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create Slow motion videos while using a green screen. Check out the videos and tutorial example below!

Slow Motion Video Tutorial with camera settings tab overview and advanced features:


To start, begin running your Photo Booth Upload software and hit S on your keyboard to open up the Settings screen. In Camera Settings make sure Video Camera and Main Screen Camera are set to your Slow Motion Camera or your DSLR (whichever you'll be using for Slow Motion).  


Navigate to the "Video" tab and click on "Add Video" to begin setting up a video. (Make sure that Video Mode is NOT set on 'Disabled'.)


Within the Add Video screen, choose the Green Screen option and hit the + sign to create a new green screen video.


A Create Green Screen Video window should appear. First, you should always give your Green Screen video a name! Then, you'll upload the image or video you would like to use as a background for your video. As a rule for Slow Motion, your Background Video File should NOT BE ANY MORE THAN 6 SECONDS LONG- ideally 4 or 5 seconds as it will be lengthened by the slow motion feature and result in long processing times. On this page you can also add an Overlay if desired. The duration of your video will be determined by the length of the Green Screen background video you upload.  


Here is where we turn our regular Green screen Video into a Slow Motion Green Screen Video. Lowering the Video Speed Percentage will now slow your video down by whatever percentage you lower it. Lowering it to 25% is a good Slow Motion Video Speed that we suggest for videos 4 - 5 seconds long.

From here, adjust your Chromakey settings, and any other camera and video settings for optimal video. Additional note: Since you are setting up a video at a High Frame Rate that is also utilizing Green Screen Technology, you will most likely need to set up additional lighting to achieve the best quality video.


That's it! You can now make a simple Green Screen Video. Press OK to save your green screen, then OK again to save the video.

Once in the main video tab of PBU, select your video with Auto Apply or User Select.

Press OK to save your settings and record your video!

You're now a pro shooting slow motion video with a green screen!