With Photo Booth Upload (PBU) you have the capability of charging customers for photos/videos/GIFs directly in the application. Follow along below to learn how to set up PBU to be able to take credit card payments.

You will need to enable Charge Guests for Sharing Features in your Photo Party Upload event to be able to use this feature and set prices. You can learn how to do so HERE.

We are only able to integrate with the credit card service Stripe. If you would like to use a different service like Square or PayPal, you'll have to use the Attendant Code feature as described in tutorial linked above. We do not receive any income from Stripe for referring customers to their service.

You must also purchase a USB credit card reader and install it on your system. These are not included with the INFINITE. An example of an appropriate reader can be found on amazon.com HERE.


Create an API key at stripe.com


Go to https://stripe.com/ and create an account.


Find your way to the dashboard and click the Live/Test toggle in the upper left corner of the dashboard:


You will see a popup requiring you to first activate your account. Click Activate.


On the next page fill out all the required information and click Activate Account at the bottom of the page. It may take a couple days for your account to be activated by Stripe.


Once your account is activated, click Your Account in the top right corner and select Account Settings.


In the pop up window select API keys and copy the Live Secret Key to your clipboard.


Launch PBU and click S to open the settings screen. Then select the Misc. tab on the far right.


In the middle under Credit Card click Enable Credit Card and paste your Stripe Key into the box. Click OK.

Set up your event in Event Manager


If you have not already done so, make sure your Event has been configured to enable Charge Guests. To verify, you can follow the Event Manager Charge Guests tutorial HERE.

That's it! You're ready to charge your guests directly through PBU!

Note: Charging credit cards directly is currently only offered in Photo Booth Upload. You will not be able to use the credit card swipe feature with an attached Photo Party Upload Kiosk (PPU Kiosk).

We currently have to send CC details directly to Stripe. To enable this option, go to this page while logged in to Stripe: https://dashboard.stripe.com/settings/integration

Enable Handle card information directly and follow the prompts.