With Custom Green Screen Text, you can create an opportunity for guests to add customized text to their photographs. Not only can you add custom text to individual Green Screens, you can populate that text in any number of frames in your animated GIFs as well. If you don't already have a Green Screen or an Animated GIF loaded into Photo Booth Upload, please refer to our Green Screen or Animated GIF set up tutorials.

Adding Custom Text to a Green Screen Photo


Create a new green screen and import a background and overlay.


You can also double click the Green Screen you would like to add text to at the bottom of the screen.


With your Green Screen Edit window opened, hit the Text and Layers arrow on the right side of the page.


In the Custom Text Holder section, you'll be presented with a number of options depicted in the image below. Follow along for a break down of the options or go to step 5 to continue. 

Title: This will be the name of the text holder. The name will appear in the Text Holders box, and will be seen by your guests as they fill out the text

Font*: Adjust the font to your desired preference by using the drop down menu

Font Style: Adjust the font style to your desired preference by using the drop down menu

Font Size: Adjust the font size by using numerical values. You can also adjust the font by clicking on the text holder, and adjust the green circle that appears (as depicted in the picture above on the word "Greeting")

Color: Change the color of the text

Alignment: Adjust the alignment of the text from the drop down menu

Vertical: Check this box to orient the text vertically

Text Spacing: Adjusts the space between the letters of the text

Character Number Limit: Limits the numbers of characters your guests can type when completing the requirements of their photo

Show Underneath Overlay: Check this to have your text appear beneath any applied overlays.

Text Holders: Press the + or - to add or remove text holders. Text input under Title will appear here.

*Fonts in PBU are taken from whatever fonts are installed in Windows. You should be able to simply install the font normally. You might have to restart PBU to update its list after the font has been added to Windows.


Click the + button in the Text Holders box. This will add a text holder. Adjust the title, font, font style, etc. to your linking.

Drag and re-size the placeholder around the page to the location you want it to appear on your overlay. After placing the custom text field you can hit the + button again and repeat these steps to create another text field. In this case I have created two custom text fields: Greeting and Family's Name. Hit OK to save your changes.


With Green Screen enabled and your background selected, hit OK at the bottom of the Green Screen tab. 

Now, when taking a photo, your guests will be prompted to enter their name (or any information you set up) in the order in which they appeared on your text setup screen along with their photo!

You can now officially add text to your green screen activations!