If you have too many greens screens it can make navigating to a specific green screen, or deleting a lot of them, quite tedious. This tutorial will show you how to create folders for green screens to help you navigate, organize, and easily delete many green screens. Also, backgrounds imported into a GIF using Load Bulk will automatically be placed in a folder.

Press S to open the PBU settings and select the Green Screen tab. Click the new folder icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Name your new folder and hit Enter to save it.


Right click any green screen you would like moved to your new folder and select Move.


Open your new folder by double clicking it or clicking Open. Right click in the empty space and select Move 'the name of your green screen' here.


Click the return arrow to go back to your list of green screens. If you notice, you can add a new folder within another folder, making this feature much more versatile.


Repeat steps 3-5 if you'd like to move more green screens to your new folder. Click OK when you're done to save your settings.


To remove a green screen from inside a folder, right click a green screen and select Move as in Step 3. Click the return arrow, right click on an empty space between green screens, and select "Move 'the name of your green screen' here" as in Step 5.

Notes: You can delete folders by clicking the red X as you would with any green screen. All green screens and sub-folders within that folder will be deleted as well!

When creating GIFs and Page Designs, folders will appear in the green screen section as well.

You're all set to organize your green screens!