Burst Mode is a GIF feature in PBU that allows you to take a rapid succession of photos giving your GIF a cool video-like effect. This tutorial will show you how to create a Burst Mode GIF.

Note: You can capture Burst GIFs with either a DSLR or webcam. This choice is made in the Camera Settings tab of PBU. DSLR Burst GIFs use the exposure settings in Live view/video. We recommend using additional lighting for Burst GIFs as the flash will not fire during capture.


Open PBU Settings, select GIF, and then Make New GIF.


Name your GIF and select Enable Burst Mode at the bottom of the GIF Edit Window.


Set your Burst delay in milliseconds. This determines the length of time between each photo taken in Burst Mode. A Burst delay of 100 ms will take 10 photos a second. We usually set it between 100-200.

Note: DSLR Burst GIFs are limited in frame rate to 15 fps. This equates to Burst delay of 67 ms. Setting any value faster than that will have no effect.


Set the number of pictures and frames per second for your GIF at the top, just under the Name field. For Burst Mode we recommend 20-40 pictures and around 5-10 fps. If you're using green screen we highly recommend using the Load Bulk feature to automatically create your green screens and match a green screen to each photo. Number your files for proper ordering, starting with a 0 if you have more than 10, e.g. 01.jpg, 02.jpg, etc. For help with green screens check out the tutorial HERE.


Bulk Loaded Green Screens will be added to a folder in the Green Screen tab. If you edit one of the Green Screens, the settings can be copied by Right-clicking and selecting Copy Settings and can then be applied to another single Green Screen by Right-clicking and choosing Paste Settings. The settings can be applied to every Green Screen in the folder by choosing Set All.


In the main GIF tab, you can set PBU to auto-focus the camera before beginning each Burst GIF by checking the Focus Before Bursts box.

If you notice that your GIFs are recording more slowly that you expect, try using the Burst preview update delay option. This will reduce the number of frames displayed during capture, which will reduce lag incurred by rendering many high resolution frames.

You're done! Enjoy your sweet Burst Mode GIF!