A Cinemagraph is a short video that allows you to specify a portion  of the video frame to animate while keeping the rest of the video stationary. Here's an example:

Learn how to create one below!

Setting up a Cinemagraph

Pro Tip: For best results, access your DSLR's video record settings via the menu on the camera itself and make sure the Auto Lighting Optimizer setting is set to OFF.


In the video tab of Photo Booth Upload click the Add Video button at the top of the screen.


In the Add Video window, navigate to the Video Mode section and select the Cinemagraph option. Then click the + button to define the regions of the cinemagraph.


After pressing the + button, a window will appear with numerous options to create your cinemagraph. Check out the options below or continue to step 4.

Name: Name your cinemagraph.

Recording Duration (Seconds): Adjusts the length of the video recording time

Motion Region

Draw: Allows you to choose which part of the frame will animate

Erase: Will remove the area you specified to animate

Brush Size: Adjusts the size of the draw and erase tools

Softness: Adjusts the pixels that will be drawn/erased at the edge of the tool

Clear: This will reset the area you've drawn on

Still Frame: This adjusts the frozen portion of the video to a specific time segment of the video. For example, If your video is 10 seconds long and still frame time is set to 5, the end result will use the guest's position 5 seconds into the video.

Update Preview Frame: This will change the current preview from the last image captured by the camera to your present position.

Green Screen: Choose to apply a green screen background and overlay previously set up in the green screen tab.


Select Draw and draw in the space you would like to have animate. When you are finished making your adjustments, select OK at the bottom of the window then OK again to save your settings. You're just about finished!


Select video and record the motion within the confines you drew. Once you're done recording you will see a preview of your video and the option to Accept or Edit it. Most high quality cinemagraphs require editing each video.

The Edit Screen looks like this:

From here you can:

Draw: Adjust The Motion Region

Erase: Erase drawn sections of the motion region

Set Current Time: For a Still Frame to be Used

Set Start Time: Choose the start time of your motion region

Set End Time: Choose the end time of your motion region

Get creative and give this awesome feature a try...

Congratulations!  You learned what a cinemagraph is and how to use it!  Pretty nifty huh?