In the Create New GIF or Edit GIF windows, you have the option to save your GIF as a video by clicking the Configure Video button at the bottom of the window. You'll want to save your GIF as a video file in order to post to a guest's Instagram, Facebook wall, or add audio to your GIF. Also, saving a GIF as a video will improve processing time and result in a higher quality image. Follow along below to learn how to set that up.

Pro Tip Video:

How To Guide:


Launch Photo Booth Upload and press S on the keyboard, then navigate to the GIF tab. 


Double-click a preexisting GIF from the thumbnails at the bottom or click Make New GIF.


In this window, navigate to the bottom section labeled Advanced Options and click Configure Video.


Here you'll be presented with the Gif Video Settings. Click Save as Video. Then the window displays the following options:

Save as Video: Must be enabled to save your Gif as Video.  Following options are only available when this is activated.

Only Post as Video to Instagram: Check the Instagram box if you wish to only create a video output for Instagram sharing. Please note that Instagram only allows videos from 3-60 seconds long and sometimes rejects videos if their algorithm determines that they are too "jerky." This options will save both a GIF and video in your output folder. Only one will be visible in PPU Kiosk, but the correct one will be shared to the selected sharing option.

Number of loops: Adjust the number of times your video will repeat itself.

Audio Track: Input an audio track that will play with your video. Select Open File to locate the music track from your computer. Select Reset to remove the track once it has been applied.

Loop Audio: Check this box to loop the audio if it ends before the video.


With Save as Video checked, make any additional changes to the GIF to video settings you desire. Once you've selected your preferences, click OK and your GIF will now be converted to video!


You GIF will be saved with whatever the video settings are in the Video tab of PBU settings. If you'd like to change that, navigate to the Video tab and select your desired video settings at the bottom of the screen. We recommend WMV8, Medium quality, and Original size for the fastest, most reliable processing.

Congratulations!  Your GIF is now configured to save as a video!