You can easily add your own custom background to a tablet running PPU Kiosk. The Windows version of Kiosk can load a background directly from the tablet but the iPad app cannot. However Both Windows and iPad Kiosk apps can use backgrounds loaded in your event settings in Event Manager.

Windows Kiosk Background


Double tap the green antennae in the bottom right of the tablet to access the settings screen.


Tap the Preferences tab at the top of the settings screen.


Tap the Open File button next to Background image and upload your background image. If you upload the wrong image, or want to remove the image, tap Reset and that will remove the image from the file path and restore the default background.


Event Manager Background - For Windows and iPad


Open your event settings in Event Manager and navigate to Options > Graphics.


Check the box labeled Custom Kiosk Background and new area will appear instructing you to upload a background graphic.


Click the button labeled Upload a file and select the background image of your choice.

Note: The image must be 1280x1072 in size and be either a PNG or JPEG.


Submit the event and refresh your Helper. Any tablet, Windows or iPad, connected to the Helper should now display the background you uploaded.

You know now how to load custom backgrounds onto Kiosk through Windows and Event Manager!