Photo Party Upload gives you the option to send emails through your own email service provider and with your own email address. When using your own custom server, you can ensure the reliability of the server, avoid overloaded traffic, and help avoid spam filters. SendGrid is an email service provider that we recommend to increase the chances your emails being sent and received quickly and without error. This tutorial will instruct you on how to integrate SendGrid with Photo Party Upload. For further explanation and links to additional resources (provided by SendGrid) click HERE.

If you have your own email server (usually provided by your web host) you don't have to use SendGrid. Simply enter your server credentials as shown in step 2. Your email service provider will have more information about the correct Host and Port number to use.

 Steps for Sendgrid Email Hosting


Go to and create an account. There is a free option that allows you to send up to 16,000 emails per month at no charge. Your account will be reviewed by their team before it is activated. This may take several business days.


Once your account is activated go to your event settings at In the "Sharing" tab select "Email" at the top of the page. Under Custom Mail Server at the bottom of the page, enter the Host as and the Port as 587 (this port is for standard mail, and does not use SSL). Enter the username and password for your SendGrid account.


Save your event and refresh your helper. Your emails should now be sent through SendGrid.