Want to host the next great karaoke battle? In this tutorial you'll learn the steps on how to create lyrics that are sync'd to music and how to create your own lip sync or karaoke videos.


Create and sync the lyrics for your video by visiting www.lrcgenerator.com 


Insert the lyrics into the the center box that says Type, Paste, or Load Lyrics Here then click the Synchronize to Music button. The website has a built in search feature at the top.


Upload your MP3 audio track by clicking the audio button.


Match up the lyrics to the song by clicking the Next Line button when you want the words to appear on the screen.


Once your lyrics and audio are synced, click Get File. This will save your file as a .LRC file.


Launch PBU and navigate to the video tab of and click the Add Video button. 


Determine what type of video you would like by selecting Plain Video, Green Screen, Slow Motion, or Cinemagraph and set your recording duration.


Add the same .MP3 audio file in the field that says Audio Track by clicking the Open File button.


Check the box that says Play Audio Track During Recording in order to hear the song play while the video is recording.


Add the .LRC file of your lyrics into the Lyrics field by clicking the Open File button.


For a LIP SYNC video, set your Recorded Video Volume to 0. 

For KARAOKE, set the value to whatever you want. 


Add an Intro Video, Outro Video, and Overlay if you desire in the same method as steps 8 & 9.


In the video tab, double check that Video Format is set to WMV.


Set the desired video quality. A higher quality results in slower processing time.

Ta-da!  You're all set to create an awesome lip sync or karaoke battle.