This tutorial will cover the steps necessary to create Photo Strips from Page Designer.  If you have not previously done so, please familiarize yourself with creating a basic page design HERE. Otherwise follow along here to create a Photo Strip!

Page Designer - Photo Booth Upload from LA Photo Party - Products on Vimeo.


Launch Photo Booth Upload and Press S on the keyboard to open the Settings.


Navigate to the Page Designer tab and click the button that says Create New Page Layout.


Name the Page Design and add any desired backgrounds (JPEG) or overlays (PNG). Your graphics should be designed for a single strip.


Under Page Size, select 4x6 for this example (May change based on your needs and hardware abilities).


Click the checkbox on the right that says Create Photo Strip. Once selected, you'll see the preview appear as a strip. Press up on the Nr Strips counter to add more strips.  Generally we use 2.


Add photo holders in the desired location by clicking the + button near the bottom right hand corner of the screen. By double clicking the photo holder in the photo holder list, you can change the dimensions and aspect ratio of the photo holder, the green screen background of the photo holder, and whether you want the photo holder to stretch, crop, or center your photo. You can also add a message to display prior to each photo.

Pro tip: If your photo holders are all going to be the same size, right click the photo holder number and select Copy. Your photo holder position, size, and rotation will be duplicated perfectly, and you'll only need to position the new holder in the Page Design.


One you've set up your Page Design to your liking, Click OK to navigate back to the page design tab. Choose Auto Apply or User Select to determine how the Page Design will be chosen, then press the grey Select button on the thumbnail of the photo strip you've just created. 

 That's it!  You've created a photo strip with Page Designer!