Unique URLs (also known as microsites) are webpages that you can customize that will host your guests shared media. Instead of receiving their media directly, the guests will instead receive a link to the Unique URL with the media they selected.  Follow along for a review of the Unique URL tab.

Video Instructions:

Click here to see a sample!

If you'd like to remove the white and grey photo frames you can copy the custom HTML in this link:


All other elements such as headers and background images will remain unchanged and can be uploaded normally using the wizard.

Important: You must check "Remove Photo Party Upload Branding" in Event Manager to use this custom HTML code.

You can enable the "Generate Unique URL" options when using Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text Message (SMS Text Messaging will enable Unique URL by default).  Once any of these settings are enabled, you'll have access to edit and customize the look of your Unique URL from the Unique URL menu on the Sharing page of your event.


Login to login.photopartyupload.com and create a new event or select an event to Edit.


Navigate to the Sharing menu, and enable sharing options you would like to use with Unique URL.  The sharing options that include Generate Unique URL are Facebook, Twitter, and Email (it is on by default when text messaging is enabled).  The Generate Unique URL option will appear similarly to this based on which social media sharing option you're viewing:


For this example, we will enable unique url for Email.  Select the Email menu and check the option that says generate e-mail unique url.  Once enabled, complete the requirements of the email settings (add a From Address and Subject) and select the Unique URL tab from the blue menu at the top.


With generate unique url enabled, the Unique URL tab will now populate with a variety of options.  We'll start from the top, it appears like so:

Header Image: Click "Upload a File" to choose a file from your PC to use as the Header image of your unique URL.  Please note the banner image should not be wider than 940 pixels.

Header: Here you can customize and input the text for the Header of your unique URL.


The next section contains the Footer, where you can customize and input the text that will appear in the footer of your unique URL:


The last half covers a variety of options. 

Background Image:  Click "Upload a File" to upload a background for the microsite. 

Tile background Image:  This will duplicate your background image into tiles that will appear across the background of your unique URL.

Theme: You can choose a White or Black theme, with a white or black background and frame for your media. An uploaded background image will overwrite the background color, but leave the frame.

Page Title:  Displays text entered here as the page title of the unique URL page.  This will also be the default message if the url is shared on Twitter or Facebook.

Page Description:  Displays text entered here as the page description of the unique URL page.  This will also be the default message if the url is shared on Facebook.

Twitter default message: When sharing Unique URL link to twitter, text entered here will display instead of Page Description text.

Google Analytics Tracking Code:  Here you'll need to put a code generated from your Google Analytics account.  For more information, please refer to our Google Analytics tutorial HERE.

Default Share Buttons: Selecting "Default" will allow you to enable default buttons prompts for downloading, Email, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to appear on the page. 

For more information on customizing the default buttons work, please refer to our tutorial HERE.

AddThis Share Buttons:  To use AddThis for your share buttons, you will need to have an AddThis account. In the "Follow buttons from AddThis:" text box, paste the codes generated from AddThis for custom buttons and links at the bottom of your unique url page. In the "AddThis.com tracking code:" text box, you will need to paste a code generated from your AddThis account. For more information, please refer to our AddThis tutorial HERE.


You can use a custom domain for your microsite and design the page from scratch with custom HTML. To use these options, you will need to enable the Remove Photo Party Upload Branding Extra in the Graphics tab of the Extras menu:

Note: You will need to enter Custom Facebook via text even if you do not have Facebook sharing enabled. You can use the default Event Photos app by clicking on the CLICK HERE link in the yellow text box.

You will then see two more options in the Unique URL settings:

Custom Domain:  Enter the custom domain of your unique URL.  Please Note:  To link your custom domain with the unique URL's you need to copy the content of THIS file to the .htaccess of the Apache server associated with the domain.  For more information, please refer to our Setup a Custom Domain for Unique URL tutorial HERE.

Use Custom HTML Template:  Select this to enable a box where you can make a custom URL page from scratch with HTML.  HERE you can find a sample template, and HERE is a list of custom tags.


Once you have created and set your preferences for Unique URL, make any other changes on your event you wish to make and select Submit.


Refresh your PPU Helper app and the Unique URL will appear in your users shares.

You're now all set to have a Unique URL sent with your users' shares!