You can use Google Analytics to track page statistics in greater detail.  Follow along below for more information on setting up Google Analytics. For more information on the function and value of Google Analytics, click here.


Go to, click Sign In in the upper right corner, and select Google Analytics from the drop down menu.

*** If you have not enabled the Google Analytics feature for your Google account, you can click the Sign Up link on the following page and register your Google account.


Click Admin at the top, then select Create New Account from the drop down menu on the left.


On the next page be sure Website is selected. Input the name that you would like to call the account, the name of the website (it can be anything), and then input in the website URL field. We suggest Arts and Entertainment as the Industry Category.


Scroll to the bottom and click Get Tracking ID. Click I Accept in the pop up window.


You should see the Tacking ID in large letters on the next page.

Copy the Google Analytics Code to your clipboard. In your event settings in Event Manager, navigate to the Unique URL tab under Sharing and paste your code into the Google Analytics tracking code box.

That's it! Make sure you save your changes to your event by clicking Submit and then accepting the Terms of Service. You'll also need to refresh your events list on the Helper.

After your event, you can check your Google Analytics on the Google Analytics website in the Reporting section.