The Photo Edit feature within Photo Party Upload allows you to edit, draw, and even add digital props to your photos and videos. Using pre-loaded props, the user can drag and drop icons onto the photo and save their changes before uploading to Facebook, Email, Twitter or Instagram. The information and video below will show you all the ways to use this feature.

Please Note: Edits on videos can only be made at the beginning of the video, and will last its entire duration.

Photo Edit Mode with PPU Kiosk


Launch PPU Kiosk and click S open the Settings, then select the Photo Edit tab.


Make sure Photo Edit is enabled by making sure Disable Photo Edit is unchecked (on iPad, Enable Photo Edit must be toggled ON). Then select the Photo Edit Options you would like to have enabled for this event. Please note the iPad version does not include the option to enable or disable Filters.

Click OK to return to the library of media.


When you select a photo, you'll notice you have the options to Edit Photo and Select. Choose Edit Photo.


Here you'll be presented with a variety of options:

On the right you'll notice a column of choices, including:

Draw: When selected, use the drawing tools that appear on the left to create various effects on your photo. Choose your color options from the color palette below and start drawing on your image.

Text: Select this option to display an option of various fonts to choose from on the left. Tap a place on your image where you would like your text to appear, then input the desired text. You can move the text you create anywhere you would like by dragging the it.

Props: This option is available when Props are enabled in your event. Select Props to choose from a list of available props. For more information on using digital props, please refer to our digital props tutorial HERE.

Filters: (Only available in Windows Kiosk) Select filters to choose from a variety of filters available. These filter thumbnails will appear across the bottom of the screen and can be scrolled through.

Undo: This will undo the last edit made to your photo.

Redo: This will reapply the last edits made to your photo.

Trash: This will delete the edit copy of the photo.


Play around with the features and apply the desired settings to your photo. Once you are finished, tap Done Editing at the top, and your image or video will save and become available to share.

Congrats!  You're now seasoned in Photo Editing!