ATTENTION: This feature has been deprecated and is no longer functional. We will remove this tutorial soon.

Under the Options > Video/GIF category is an option to "Upload videos to YouTube Channel".  With this feature enabled, you will automatically upload videos to a selected YouTube Channel, and any other shares made will contain a link to the YouTube video.  Follow along below to set up and configure this feature.

Please note: This feature is currently only available for the Windows Tablet/Kiosk version of PPU.  Not for iPad.


Go to and click on the "Create New Project" button.

Note: The gmail email address that you use to sign in to the developer console may be visible to some users, so we advise you use a gmail account that you don't mind being public. You can also use an email address for a Google group that you manage. There is no option to use an email address from a domain you own like


In the new window, give your project a unique name, then click CREATE.

Make sure you select this Project by clicking the notifications in the upper right and selecting your project.


Click the "hamburger" in the upper left next to Google APIs, then APIs & Services, then Library:


Scroll down and click YouTube Data API v3:

Then click ENABLE on the next page.


Click Create credentials.


You'll see a few options on the next page.

Under Where will you be calling the API from? select Other UI (e.g. Windows, CLI tool).

Under What data will be accessing? select User data.

Then click What credentials do I need?


The box should collapse and you should see Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID. Give the ID a name (it can be anything except you project name), then click Create OAuth client ID.


Select your email address from the drop down menu. As mentioned earlier, it will be the gmail account of the signed in user, or the email of a group the signed in user manages. There is no option to add a separate email address.

You must also enter a Product name that may be visible. It should not mention Google or YouTube.

There is a link for more customization options, but those are not necessary.

Click Continue when you're done with this section.


If successful, you'll be presented with your Client ID and a Download button. Simply click I'll do this later.


You should now be on a Credentials page and be able to see your client name under OAuth 2.0 client IDs. Click the Edit icon to the right of your Client ID.


Here you'll find your Client ID and Client Secret that you'll need to copy and paste into Event Manager when creating your Photo Party Upload event.


When creating your event in Event Manager, select Options from the menu on the left, then select Video / GIF to find the Upload videos to YouTube channel option.



Paste you Client ID and Client Secret in the appropriate fields. Add a title for your videos, description, and tags, then click on the blue link that says Click to login to YouTube and give permissions to publish to channel.


Click Allow in the pop up, then copy the code that appears:


Copy that code into the Access Token field and you're done! Submit your event and refresh your Helper.


When you sharing from Kiosk, a YouTube button will now appear on the share screen.