If you know ahead of time that there wont be any internet at your event, you can download your event settings as a file and import it directly into the Helper. This way, you can have all your guests email, text, remove backgrounds, etc., all without an onsite internet connection. You'll have to connect your PC to an internet connection after the event to actually send your files.


Create an Event in Event Manager.  Once your event is created with the settings and specifications you want...


You can download the settings .ppue file from the main page of the event manager by click the Download Settings link inline with your event name:

 OR - Export Event Settings from Photo Party Upload Helper:

Launch PPU Helper.

Right click Helper icon in the system tray and highlight Events.

Select Export and choose a location for the file to save.


To IMPORT the settings, follow the same steps (Helper > Events) and select Import. A window will appear allowing you find and select your .ppue file.

You're all done!  You've successfully exported and imported Event settings!