You can enable Custom HTML for for emails for further customization.  This tutorial will show you how to enable that option, and provide links to basic HTML templates.


Login to Event Manager at and create a new event or edit a pre-existing event.


In the settings of your event, select Extras and navigate to Graphics.  Check the box that says Remove Photo Party Upload Branding.


If you aren't using your own Facebook App make sure you click the CLICK HERE link in the yellow box at the bottom of the page. This is required even if
you aren't using Facebook to share.


Select the Sharing menu, then Email. Click the box that says Enable Email


Once enabled, boxes will appear allowing you to customize the Header, Image text, and footer of your email.  Below these boxes will be the option to Use Custom HTML Template.


Insert your custom HTML into the box that appears after enabling.  Below that, in the yellow box, you can find our Custom HTML Template and List of Custom Tags.

Note: Some email clients, like Gmail, will strip CSS headers from emails. If you're having trouble with the background color of your email, try using the template found HERE. It has a black background and white text, and works well with Gmail.

Congratulations, you have enabled and are using Custom HTML in your email!