With Hashtag printing,  Photo Party Upload will monitor ALL indexed hashtags on Instagram and/or Twitter for the time period you choose and print it automatically.   Follow along here to learn how to enable and create hashtags for Hashtag Printing. 

BE ADVISED: Each HASHTAG Print is charged as an Upload.  (.10$ per upload on the Pay Per Upload Plan) If using Hashtag Printing, we suggest selecting "$30 Unlimited Package" from PROFILE (top right when signed in on login.photopartyupload.com) as this feature monitors hashtags across Instagram and/or Twitter and may results in MANY upload/downloads (i.e. Thousands).


Login at login.photopartyupload.com and create a new event or select an event to edit.


Fill out the details of your event and navigate to the Printing tab on the left.  Then select Hashtag Printing in blue menu at the top.  Here you can Enable Twitter Hashtag Printing and/or Enable Instagram Hashtag Printing.  


Once you select either or both hashtag options, options will appear so you can adjust your specific options for both Twitter and Instagram.  Options appear like so:

Hashtags:  Type in your desired hashtag (with the #) and press enter.

Maximum number of pictures per user:  This will determine the maximum amount of photos that will be printed from a single Instagram or Twitter account.

Mode:  Adjust between Auto to automatically begin hashtag printing at a predetermined date and time, or select Manual to manually control the time of hashtag printing yourself in the Helper.

  • Auto:
    • Start Datetime:  Set the Date and Time in which hashtag printing will automatically begin for your event.
    • End Datetime:  Set the End Datetime in which hashtag printing will automatically end for your event
  • Manual:  Select Manual to manually control the hashtag printing settings from Helper

Auto Print:  Select Autoprint to have hashtag photos automatically print when downloaded.

Enable Geofencing: Create a parameter so that items will print when posts are made within the field. When enabled, the following option and map become available. Enter an address in the Search location field or manually adjust the fields:

Click to login to Twitter and give permissions to download images:  Twitter requires permissions to accept hashtag prints.  While signed into your Twitter account, click this link to automatically apply the Access Token and Access Token Secret.

Please Note: Gif or Video hashtag printing from a Twitter account will only pull a jpeg thumb image of the media file and prints it.


Once you have created your hashtag settings, complete any other settings for your event and Submit.  With your Event settings saved, open the the Helper app Configure menu by double clicking the Helper icon in the system tray. Be sure to refresh your events to get your latest settings!

Select the Hashtag Printing tab at the top of the Configure window.


Login to your Instagram account if you have it enabled for hashtag printing. Then...

-If you selected Manual start and stop you will see the buttons to start and stop your hashtag printing:

-If you selected Auto start and stop be sure the Helper is open before your start time (start time will be based on the timezone on the computer the Helper is running on) and don't change your watched folder while the hashtag photos are being pulled in.

Keep in mind, the photos being pulled in can also be used with all of the options available in PPU kiosk (sharing, editing, props, filters, etc.)

NOTE: As of the update in May 2020, you are no longer required to login to Instagram in the Helper to use Instagram HT Printing with PPU. If you are having trouble using Instagram HT Printing, please make sure that you are using the latest Helper Update.


You're all set!  Now when your guests use the hashtag while commenting with their media, printing will apply!

Please Note: GIF or Video hashtag printing from an Instagram account does not work. Hashtag printing only work with still photos from Instagram. 

#Youdidit!  Now where's my print?!