The Configure window is the heart of your Helper.  It is where you find all the important settings that affect your event outside the Event Manager. They include:

- Selecting and Refreshing the Events that you created in the Event Manager (

- Selecting your Watched Folder (the Folder that your files are dropping into that you would like to share).

- Selecting the Printers that you would like Photo Party Upload (PPU) to use.

- The Location of your Helper Logs.

- Auto-Print through PPU.

- Automatically Upload photos to a SmugMug Gallery.

- Check your Queue Status for Suspended uploads, or if uploads are not going through due to connectivity or other reasons.

- Manage Hashtag Printing preferences

- Manage Flip Book Printing preferences

Follow along below to find out how to launch the Configure window of Helper


Launch Helper.  If Helper is already running, you'll receive a prompt saying so.


The Helper runs in the background on your computer. It will appear in the bottom right corner of your desktop. The icon looks the Helper icon on your desktop, only smaller. It'll have a green check mark if you are logged into your PPU account. It will appear like so:

If the Helper Icon does not immediately appear in the bottom right corner, it will be in your Hidden Icons Tray at the bottom right corner of your desktop. To access the hidden icons, click the small arrow in the bottom right of your desktop. It will appear like so:

Click the arrow and you should see the Helper Icon. If you do not see the icon, this means your Helper is not running and you will need to double click the Helper shortcut on your desktop. RIGHT CLICK on the Helper icon (or hold it down on a touch screen) and the menu below will appear. You can also DOUBLE CLICK on the Helper icon to quickly bring up the Configure window.

If your Helper icon does not have a Green check mark like below you will need to Sign In to your PPU account. These will be the same login credentials you use on We recommend you check Keep me signed in so you only have to enter your credentials once. Also, the next time you start Helper, you wont need internet to access the Configure menu.


Once/if Logged In, choose Configure. This will open up the Configure window.


The following window will pop up. The selected event should correspond to the event you created on the Event Manager.  If it is not in the drop down, hit Refresh Events and see if it syncs. You should also always refresh your events if you make any changes to them in the Event Manager.  

Congrats!  You have located and accessed the PPU Helper Configure menu!