The following warranties go into effect immediately upon the date of receipt of your booth*.

LA Photo Party guarantees the manufacturer's warranty on all major equipment for the Infinite and Venture photo booths.

Workmanship of the shell is covered for (1) year after receiving your INFINITE or VENTURE. 

User caused error defined as any use beyond normal event use including but not limited to bending parts, dropping parts, scraping parts, etc. is not covered by the warranty.

Shipping - See below. 

Power Standards:

LA Photo Party photo booth products are made for USA standard electrical currents.

Using an LA Photo Party booth with non-USA currents without a stepdown transformer is a fire hazard and will void your warranty.

USA Currents = 120v @ 60hz

RMA Process:

Any specific Manufacturer RMA processes available are detailed below with the warranty conditions for that specific item

*Please note, any LA Photo Party warranties are applicable to original owners only. Reselling / Purchasing second hand of an LA Photo Party photo booth voids all relevant warranties and warranty assistance from LA Photo Party.

Cables and internal components are guaranteed for (2) months unless otherwise listed for additional coverage below:


Canon DSLR Camera: 9 Months Warranty

- LA Photo Party will help complete Canon RMA forms for any cameras under warranty. LA Photo Party may provide a replacement camera at their discretion in order to facilitate replacement.

Point Grey / FLIR Slow Motion Camera: 1 Year Warranty

- LA Photo Party will facilitate the RMA process with Point Grey / FLIR. If a replacement camera is not available, LA Photo Party may supply a replacement if available and at their sole discretion.

Logitech Webcam: 1 Year Warranty


Shuttle Computer: 2.5 Year Warranty - *Does not include scratches or any physical damage caused by user. 

 - Repair / Replacement: The client confirm the serial number, located on the back of the Shuttle Computer, with LA Photo Party. They the client will send the shuttle to Shuttle Computer Group. LA Photo Party will help with all RMA forms. Shuttle will assess and repair. Shuttle will then return ship their repair / replacement computer within 7-10 business days. International shipping may take longer. Shuttle may provide shipping in both directions at their discretion.

Mimo Monitor (front monitor): 2 Year Warranty

- LA Photo Party will assist in the RMA process with Mimo Monitors. Client will provide the serial number of the monitor to Mimo. An RMA ticket will be started and facilitated by Mimo. The client will ship the monitor to Mimo for assessment, repair / replacement. Mimo will ship the repaired or new monitor back to the client. Expedited service may be available for additional shipping cost. International shipping may take longer. Mimo may provide shipping in both directions at their discretion.                - 

Rear Tablet - Dell Venue Pro or Asus Tablet: 2 Month Warranty

Lenovo Keyboard/Mouse or RII keyboard: 1 Year Warranty 

                                                                            FLASHES & FLASH POWER:

Neweer C250 Light: 4 month Warranty

Neweer C250 Light Battery Eliminators: 1 year limited warranty. Terms and Conditions apply


Soft Case Set:

One year factory warranty for any defects in workmanship and materials

Hard Case Set:

CASECRUZER LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Every CaseCruzer carrying case* is unconditionally guaranteed for a lifetime, against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the original owner. If it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced. This guarantee is void only if the CaseCruzer product has been abused beyond normal and sensible wear and tear. Any liability, either express or implied is limited to replacement of the product. Foam interiors and rubber seals are considered perishable components and therefore are not covered under the CaseCruzer Lifetime Guarantee.



General rule for replacement of items under warranty:  LA Photo Party will ship items using standard 5-7 day shipping to any client. All clients are responsible for covering return shipment costs. If the client needs expedited shipping, the client is responsible for covering all costs beyond the standard shipping rate accommodated by LA Photo Party. International shipping: All international shipping TO and FROM Photo Party Upload to be paid by client in both directions.

For replacement of items no longer under warranty:

For items no longer covered under warranty, client is responsible for any costs of replacement and for shipping costs in both directions.

If any items arrive damaged please do not use the item at all as we have to show that the damage occurred during shipping. If the item shows signs of use then the shipper may not cover the item by their insurance and the warranty will be void. Please contact LA Photo Party immediately if an item arrives damaged by e-mailing info@photopartyupload.com or by calling 310-730-5277.  You have 48 hours after receiving your shipment to inform us it was damaged during shipping, beyond this time we can not accept the item for replacement.