Filters can be added to your media to create interesting and unique appearances to your photos. There are over 30 filters to choose from with many of them having particular settings you can customize. Follow along here to learn about how to enable and work with Filters.


Launch PBU and click S to open the Settings.


Select the Filters tab.


The Filters tab will have the following options and appear like so:

Filter Preview: Here you'll see a preview of the filters you select applied to the last picture taken

Filter Mode

Disabled: Select this option to disable any filter effects for your guests' photos.

Auto Apply: Select this option, then choose one filter type from the available filter options that appear along the bottom of the filters tab. This filter will automatically be applied to all photos.

  • Enable Live Filter: When Auto Apply is selected, Enable Live Filter option becomes available. This option allows you to enable/disable the Live Filter, which applies the selected filter to the guests' live preview. This option is only available for particular filters and will become visible to enable when applicable filters are selected.

User Select: Select this option to allow the guests to choose which filter they would like to apply to their photo(s). They will do this using the touch-screen interface (or mouse click) after their photo is taken.

  • Select only on 1st photo: When User select is enabled, this option becomes available. With this enabled, your guests will only have one choice of filter to be applied to all their photos taken during the session.  With this disabled, the guests will choose which filter they would like to apply to their photo after each photo is taken during the session.
  • Photoshop Actions: If you want multiple Photoshop Actions to be available, you can name individual actions with the Select using custom settings button:

Click the Photoshop Action thumbnail at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see the above dialogue if your Filter Mode is set to User Select. Click Open File and find your .atn file, then input the custom name  in the Custom Name field, then click Select using custom settings.

Note: Filter Mode will only affect photos (plain photos, green screen photos, Page Designs) and will not affect GIFs, Videos, or Morphs. Filters for those are selected for in their respective edit windows.

Apply Filters Before Green Screen: When enabled, will apply the Filter to an image before the green screen effects are applied (if applicable). Your background and overlay images in your green screen will not be affected.

Skip Filter Preview

Enabling this feature will remove the filter from the preview following the image capture. We recommend using this only when complex filters (specifically Photoshop Actions) take a long time to render the preview before sharing or moving on to the next activation. Otherwise inevitable delays like that can hold up the line at events. This will speed things up, and the final output will have the filter applied correctly, regardless.

Filter Settings:

The settings in this box will change based on the types of Filters you're attempting to use. In the preview image above, the "Colorization" filter has been selected. Move the sliders or adjust the values that appear here to fully customize and tweak the settings of particular filters.

Now that you're familiar with the Filters tab, try enabling some other filters to see what effects you can create!