You can create environments and have your guests appear in a Virtual Reality with our VR 360 feature. This is a tutorial to walk you through setting up your booth to take 3D VR photos.

Equipment mentioned in the video:

  • Kula Lens Splitter- HERE (Note: The Kula Lens Splitter is sized for a 77 mm lens. If you're using a smaller lens like the 18-55 mm included with the INFINITE DSLR, you'll need a step up ring like the one HERE)
  • Headsets - Any that work with your phone of choice should work, we've been using these - HERE
  • Phones - We've been using Galaxy S6. Again, any good Android phone should work.
  • Bluetooth remote to navigate images in VRTV app - HERE
  • Checkerboard pattern printout (blown up to poster size) - HERE or Checkered Flag (these are inconsistent from Amazon and don't work quite as well as the poster, but don't rip and travel easier than a poster) - HERE

Notes on checkerboard pattern: The rectangles must be all the same size. Squares work the best! We recommend using a 2x3 foot checkered pattern.

Other important notes:

Info on graphics:

Background and overlay graphics need to be Lat/Long 1:2 Aspect ratio. We use 4096x2048 resolution. They will be stretched to a sphere.

For 3D, background and overlay graphics need to be in over/under format, essentially doubling the size of your graphics. We use 4096x4096 resolution.

Apps for Android phones:


Note: If you're using VRTV, the filename prefix in PBU must be set to 3603DVROU

Resilio Sync - HERE

Cardboard Enabler (only for Samsung phones) - HERE

PC Apps:

Resilio Sync (for wireless syncing) - HERE

GoodSync (for wired syncing) - HERE

Purchase and activate a VR Add-On:


Launch PBU and press S to open the settings. Then select the VR360 tab from the top of the screen. If you don't see this tab, make sure you have the latest version of PBU and the VR tab is turned on from the misc section.


Select either User Select or Auto Apply under VR360 Mode.


Click Buy in the pop-up that appears.



Login to your PPU account and complete the purchase.


In PBU Preferences tab, click Enter New License. Enter your PPU login credentials and click Update License.


Purchase VR Add-on from Event Manager website


Login to your account on Event Manager.


Click the Photo Booth Upload Licenses Tab


Click Buy VR Addon for any of your existing Pro Lifetime licenses.



Open PBU Preferences and click Enter New License.


Enter your PPU credentials and click Update License.


Check out some sample environments in 360° from the link HERE. Then click on the 360 labeled thumbnails to view the samples in 360°.

You're all set to experience a Virtual Reality!