With VR360, you can create immersive 3D VR experiences for your clients. Sometimes, the extra setup and hardware can be cumbersome (Lens Splitter, camera calibration, VR headsets, etc.). To avoid this, we have the option to create cool, shareable 2D 360 images that can add a lot of value to your events. This tutorial will teach you how to create 2D 360 images.

Note: You will need to purchase the VR360 add-on for PBU Pro. You can find instructions on how to do so HERE. With VR360, you MUST use a DSLR camera.


Prepare your 2D 360 image Background and Overlay. Graphics need to be Lat/Long 1:2 Aspect ratio (We use resolution 4096x2048).

Below, is the 2D version of one of our 3D backgrounds that is included in PBU. You can import your own by following the steps 2 and 3.


Open PBU Settings > VR360 and click "Make New VR360".


In the new window, type in a name, and import your Background and Overlay images by clicking Browse next to their respective fields.

Your window should look something like this:



To the right of the image, click Edit Placement. You will several different things in the new screen. On the left you can adjust the position and size of the image much like in a green screen. You can only adjust the position on a certain section of your 360 background. Those sections are called Cube Faces, and you can select the Cube Face in which you want to place the picture on the right of the screen in the section labeled "Cube Face Selection."



If you're taking a green screen photo, you must adjust the Chromakey Settings in the Edit Placement window. You can see the Chromakey Settings button at the top to the right of the Cube Face Selection Button. The controls are identical to the Chromakey controls in the Green Screen tab of PBU. You should always adjust Chromakey settings for both Live view and Photo.


Once you've placed your image holder and adjusted Chromakey settings, click OK. Select Auto-Apply under VR360 mode, and press the Select button under the thumbnail of your newly created 360 image. Click OK.



You should see a VR360 button on your screen. Click it, take your photo, and share!


You can preview the image in 360 in Windows Kiosk (iPad coming soon). Click the "Click to View" button and move around the 360 image with a mouse or by swiping.


Here is a sample of a 2D VR360 image on a Unique URL: