You have the option to enable Facebook within your Event.  This will allow your guests to login to their own Facebook account and post their media via a Unique URL. Here you'll learn about how to enable Facebook and what Facebook posting options are available for you to configure.

Note: As of August 1st, 2018, 3rd party apps (including Photo Party Upload) will be unable to post media directly to Facebook. PPU will still be able to post a Unique URL to Facebook.

Note: Following the software updates of April 2022, Microsoft Webview2 will need to be installed on Windows computers that are sharing to Facebook through PBU and PPU (does not affect iPad apps). Many computers have this already, but if not, the installer can be downloaded here:


Login to your account at and Create a new Event or select an event to edit.


Select Sharing from the menu on the left.  Then select Facebook from the blue bar at the top.  Once on the Facebook section, click Enable Facebook.


After Selecting Enable Facebook, navigate to the Unique URL tab (on the blue bar at the top of the page). The Unique URL tab will allow you to customize the website that your guests' photos will be shared to.


On the Unique URL page, scroll down approximately half way down the page and you'll find options to adjust Page Title and Page Description of your Facebook post. These options appear like so:

Should you want to continue customizing the look of the Unique URL, please refer to our article HERE.


Once the settings have been configured, press Submit and accept to save your event settings. Now when your guests share to Facebook, a link to the Unique URL of their image(s) will be posted to the guest's wall.

Posts will appear like so:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on sharing your GIFs via Facebook, keep in mind that if the final GIF file is over 7 MB, a thumbnail WILL NOT appear when on the Facebook Wall when shared.

That's it!  You've learned all about how to enable Facebook in your event!