You can enable Twitter within Event Manager to allow your guests to post their media to Twitter.  Follow along below for a tutorial on how to enable Twitter for your event.


Login to your Event at and create or select an Event.


After entering your Event, select Sharing from the menu on the left.  Then select Twitter on the blue bar at the top.


Here you will find all the Twitter settings.  It will appear like so:

Lets break down what these options are:

Enable Twitter:  This is the very most basic option to enable Twitter.  Once selected, options for Generate Twitter Unique URL and Default Message will become available

Generate Twitter Unique Url:  With this feature enabled, the Twitter post will include a link to their own unique website where their photos will be hosted.  You can customize the look of the website in full HTML including: banner, header, footer, background, page title, and page description.  In addition, you can add re-share option to all major social media sites then track the spread of your photos, and page impression for real time metrics of online brand exposure.  Click HERE For an example.

Default Message:  You can include a default message that will appear on every Twitter post.  You're limited to 280 characters but keep in mind the character limit will also effect how many characters your Guests use when they would like to include a personal message on their twitter post.  Guests will not be able to delete or remove the Default Message from their post.  If Unique URL is enabled the URL will deduct 23 characters from the 280. If uploading photos directly, twitter will add a twitpic link that does not deduct from your total character count. Make sure to test this feature. If your Twitter message is too long, it will not post!

Enable Tweet All: Enable to post all shared photos and videos to a single Twitter account. Use the Twitter login to enter the Twitter account you would like to post all the images to. You can also include a message if you would like. Please Note: Posts may be blocked by Twitter if too many similar posts are made too quickly.


Once you have edited your Twitter preferences, continue making other edits to your Event or select Submit at the bottom and follow the on screen directions to save your EM settings.

Please note: Twitter can post Images, Videos and GIFs, but must be under 5MB.  Twitter supports a max of 1900x1200 with a max of 40fps.  

You're done!  You have enabled Twitter for your Event and Guests!