You can enable Instagram to allow your guests to post to their own Instagram accounts.  Along with enabling Instagram, you can include a default message that will appear within your guests post.  Follow along to see how to enable Instagram and include a default message.


Login to your account at and create a new event or select a previously made event.


Select Sharing from the menu on the left, then select "Instagram" at the top in blue. Then select "Enable Instagram".


Once it's enabled, you'll see an Instagram Default Message box appear.  Here, you can include a message that will automatically appear on your guests Instagram post


Once you have enabled Instagram and made any further changes to your event, click Submit and then Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Please Note:  Instagram is in "perpetual Beta Mode" and we cannot guarantee its functionality.  Also note that Instagram will not index hashtags uploaded through PPU.  Unfortunately, pre-filled hashtags uploaded to Instagram via any third party app, such as our Photo Party Upload software, are not currently able to be indexed. As of now, your photos will appear with their hashtag captions but these hashtags will not be indexed into the greater hashtag database. However, if your guests input a hashtag themselves while uploading, those hashtags will be indexed. You can click HERE for more information.

Posting to Instagram: GIFs will not post at all to Instagram (Instagram limitation). Instagram also won't post videos if they appear too jerky. We have found that setting PBU to 4 photos at 2 frames per second with 8 loops seems to be a winning formula. Using Burst mode will allow images to post to Instagram successfully (as long as the fps is higher than 4). Videos posted to Instagram must be between 3 and 60 seconds long.

That's it!  You're all prepared to allow your guests to share to Instagram!