You can enable email for your event and customize it to your specifications.  Here you'll find a basic overview of how to enable email, and some of the options available for customizing or branding.


Log in to the Event Manager and navigate to your event settings. Under Sharing > Email, check Enable Email.


Enabling Email will populate the page with a variety of other options. These options include:

Sharing Options

  • Inline: Media will be embedded on the email and will be visible as the guest opens the email.
  • Attachment: Media will be included to the email as a downloadable attachment
  • Generate Unique Url: Photos will be available for each guest on a unique website that you customize. Guests can re-share their photos and you can track their "spread."

        For more information, please refer to our article HERE.

Add Share Links to the Footer of Email: Selecting this option adds social media links in the footer of the emails sent from Photo Party Upload. Only available if Generate E-mail Unique URL is enabled.


  • From Address: The email address your email messages will be sent from. Unless you use a Custom SMTP server (scroll down to step 3), your emails will be sent as an alias from our email server. Certain email addresses will not function, e.g.,, Please test before your event!
  • Display Name: The name displayed when an email is received.
  • Subject: The subject line of your emails.

You'll also see a section where you can customize the appearance of your email.  This includes section for the Header, Image Text / body of the email, and Footer.

Header, shown below, will appear above the thumbnails of the images you send. This area is typically used for event information and branding.

Image text will display above every thumbnail of each image you send. This means that if you send more than one image to email, this text will appear above each thumbnail.

Footer will be below all thumbnails in the email. This section is typically used for marketing your company or services.

Note: When adding images to your email, the images must be hosted online. You cannot upload directly from your computer to the editor. When you click the Insert/Add image button:

... a pop-up will ask for the source. Input a link to the image online. It must be a link to the image itself and not a webpage with the image in it.

Example: This image link will not work because it is a link to a page that has the image in it:

This one will work because it is a link to the image itself: Notice how it ends in .jpg? That's a link to the image itself.


Lastly, at the very bottom we have the options regarding Custom Mail Server

To allow sending emails with higher reliability, we provide the option to use a custom SMTP server. You can use the server provided by your webhost, or a 3rd party service like Sendgrid. To make an account, please visit For more information on Sendgrid, please visit our tutorial HERE.

We recommend you use SSL if it's available from your email provider. If you're using SSL, the Port will be 587.


Make any changes to you email and other vent settings, then click Submit and Accept the Terms and Conditions.


If you'd like to test your email settings without using the Helper, click the Test link to the right of your event list:

Please Note:  When sharing with email, the iPhone Mail App will not always show videos (App limitation). Other apps, computers, and Android devices all display video.

Furthermore, anything over 20MB (total for all shared items) will be automatically put on Unique URL.

Congratulations!  You have configured email for your event!