This tutorial will go over all the available options in the Page Designer tab of PBU settings. This overview will focus on the options and functions of the main tab, but will not demonstrate how to create a Page Design Layout. You can find a tutorial that details that process HERE.

Page Design Mode

Disabled - No Page Design layouts will be applied when taking a photo

Auto Apply - One Page Design layout will automatically be applied when your guests select to take a photo

User Select - You can select multiple page design options that will be available to your guests to choose from at the beginning of their session

Random - Similar to User Select in that you can select multiple options, but PBU will choose them for the guest at random

Multiple - Allow you to select multiple page design layouts that have the same number of photo holders. Your guests will take a number of photos that equals the number of photo holders in one layout. Each photo will be applied to the same photo holder in the selected layouts. All layouts will be saved at the end of the session.

Auto Apply / User Select/ Random/ Multiple boxThis box will display the page layout names that have been enabled via Auto Apply, User Select, or Random. If Page Design is set to Disabled, this box will disappear.

Create New Page Layout: Click this to open a window where you can create a new page layout.  Any new layouts created will appear on far right side of the horizontal panel of designs at the bottom of the screen.

Clear All Page Layouts: This will remove all page layouts in PBU. If the default page designs have been removed, they can be restored by selecting the "Restore Generic" button in the Preferences tab.

Default page message: If Page Design Mode is set to Disabled, any text entered into this field will appear before a photo is taken. This is similar to the Message field in photo holder settings, but does not require a Page Design to be selected.

Mirror Output Photo: Check this box to horizontally flip the photo in every photo holder.

Save Photo Holders to Output Folder: This will save each photo placed in a Page Design to the output folder by itself.

OK / Cancel: Select OK to save the settings that have been changed and return to the main screen. Press Cancel to return to the main screen without saving any changes or new Page Design layouts.

Extra Info

Click the left or right arrows on the horizontal panel of page designs to scroll through existing page designs, or simply swipe the designs to the left or right to scroll through them.

Click the red X on the top right corner of any page design to delete it.

Right-click a Page Design and select Create Duplicate to make an exact copy of the layout.

Click once on an existing Page Design to see a larger preview.

Double click on an existing Page Design to edit it.