Here you'll learn about the options available on the Green Screen tab of Photo Booth Upload. Check it out below!

Green Screen Preview: If you click on a thumbnail of one of the green screens at the bottom of the screen, you'll see a preview in this window. Any adjustments made in Chromakey Settings or by clicking Update Live Preview can be viewed here.

Green Screen Mode

Disabled: This will disable and turn off the use of green screen mode for the guest. Green Screens can still be used in other activations like Page Designs or GIFs.

Auto Apply: Automatically applies a selected green screen background and overlay image pair to all event photos.

User Select: Allows the guest to select a green screen background and overlay image pair.

Screenless Background Removal: Allows you to remove the background of your guests' photos without the use of a green screen. 

Note: Green Screens can have either a background or overlay or both. If no background is present, it will default to white.

Create New Green Screen: Opens a window with various options to begin creating a new green screen

Clear All Green Screens: Selecting this will remove all green screen templates from the the horizontal list (default templates can be restored by pressing the Restore Generic button on the preferences tab).

Chromakey Settings

The Chromakey Settings can be used to perfect the background removal of the physical green screen background.

Live View: If this is selected, the sliders will adjust the Live View your guests will see as they walk up to the booth and begin to interact with the software.

Photo: If photo is selected, the sliders will adjust the settings as the photo is taken.

Threshold: Adjusting this will change how aggressively the color is removed, starting with the Key Color. 0 will remove no colors (and not reveal any background) and 100 will remove all colors (eliminate the photo entirely)

Softness: Softens the edges of your subject.

Gray: This can be adjusted to avoid removing grey tones like shadows

Key Color: This will allow you to select from a drop down list of colors to find the color that best resembles your Green Screen.

Pick Color: Use pick color to perfect the key color choice.  When selected, it will allow you to choose a color within the preview image to use as your key color. For best results, choose a mid range color green between the brightest area of your green screen and the darkest area.

Update Live/Photo Preview: Pressing this will update the Live View or Photo (based on which is selected) and update the preview with what the camera sees at that moment. You'll likely need to jump between Live View and Photo to achieve the desired look.

Enable Multiple Custom Text Inputs: If you have custom text enabled in your green screen, this option will prompt the guests to input text multiple times. It will create multiple copies of the same photo, one for every custom text input.

Save Original Photo to Output Folder: With this selected, the unaltered photo (guest against a green screen) will appear within the Output folder (and on any kiosk stations that are connected).

Save Photo With Transparent Background: Creates a PNG file of the keyed photo and saves it to the output folder.

The bottom section will display thumbnails of created green screens as well as folders you can use to organize them.

Scroll using the arrows on the left and right sides of this area or by swiping the thumbnails left or right. Any newly added images will be located on the far right side.

To apply the photo holder size, rotation, position, and color settings from one Green Screen to another, right-click a thumbnail and select Copy Settings, then right-click a different thumbnail and select Paste Settings. Right-click and select Set All to apply them to every Green Screen in the folder.

You can duplicate a green screen by right-clicking a thumbnail and selecting Create Duplicate.

The folder icon with the green + on the left will create a new folder that you can name.

To move a green screen from one folder to another, right-click the thumbnail and select Move. Open the desired destination folder, right-click in an empty space and select Move '(Name of Green Screen)' here.

Whole folders can be selected and added to the User Select list when User Select is enabled, allowing guests to navigate groupings of green screens in each folder, rather than having to scroll through large numbers of options in one long line.