With Photo Booth Upload you can record simple videos, green screen videos, slow motion videos, and even cinemagraphs!  Follow along below for a basic overview of the options in the Video tab in PBU Settings.

Add Video: Click this to access a window to add video features. In this window you can create questions using text, images, or video. You can set up plain video, green screen, slow motion, and cinemagraphs. You can also apply audio, lyrics, overlays, filters, and a variety of other options. When a video is added, it will appear with its details in the white table. Featured above is our "Test Video" example. No questions are applied, it is a Plain video (not green screen, slow motion, or cinemagraph), and the recrding duration of the video is 10 seconds.

Delete Item: This will remove a video from the list.

Edit Item: This will allow you to edit the features of the highlighted video. You can also double click the video from the list.

Export List: Allows you to export the created video settings.

Import List: Allows you to import created video settings.

To copy a video, simply right-click it and select Create Duplicate.

Video Mode

Disabled: Turns off all video options.

Auto Apply: Automatically apply the video that is highlighted.

User Select: Allow the user to select from all the videos listed.

Use All: Automatically apply all the videos listed starting from the top of the list.

Random: This will randomly select and use one of the options from the list.

Combine Video Responses: Select this feature if each guest is responding to multiple questions. Responses from each guest will be combined into a single file.

Enable Redo: This will allow the guest the option to retake their video at the end of their session.

Mute audio during processing: This will mute any sound your guest's video has when the processing preview plays after your session.

Video Format

Here you can choose a video format that best suits your needs. You can choose from: WMV, MP4, AVI and GIF.

Quality Level: Adjust the video quality from low, medium, and high. Please note that the higher the video quality, the larger the file size and processing time.

Video Codec: Choose between WMV8 and WMV9 for WMV videos.

Video Size

Choose from the drop down a video size you desire.

The higher the value the better the resolution will be but it will also lengthen processing time. Generally we recommend 720p or Original if the video is already 720p or lower.