This article will cover the options and features available when navigating the Add Video window in the Video tab of Photo Booth Upload. It appears when creating a new video or editing a previously created video. Follow along below!

Name: Input text to name the video you're creating. This name will be visible on the main video tab of PBU and should be unique.


This section allows you to create questions to prompt your guests.

None: This will disable the use of questions

Text: Allows you to customize your question or message in text format with smart text and your choice of background color.

Image: Upload a pre-made image with your question or message in it and adjust the duration that it appears on screen.

Video: Upload a pre-made video question or message.  Ex. Have your Bride or Groom record something personal for your guests to respond to.

Text/Image/Video Duration (seconds): The title of these options will change based on the type of question you have selected. Adjust the duration in which the question will be available on screen

Include Question in Final Video:  With this selected, the question will appear within the guests shared media. 

Text Color: Adjust the color of the text (only available when using the Text question option).

Background Color: Adjust the background color of the text (only available when using the Text question option).

Font: Adjust the font (only available when using the text question option).

Video Mode

Plain Video: Select this option when recording a normal video.

Green Screen: Select this option when using a green screen video. When selected, options to add a green screen will become available.

Slow Motion: Select this option when using Slow Motion. When selected, options to create video segments will become available (segments are used to change the speed between portions of the video).

Cinemagraph: Select this option when using Cinemagraph. When selected, options to create a cinemagraph will become available to you.

Recording Duration (seconds): Adjust the duration of the recording time of the video. Only available with Plain or Slow Motion video options. Please note that the longer the duration of the video, the longer the video will take to process.

Do Not Process: Checking this stops Photo Booth Upload from processing your video at all. This means you can't use is in conjunction with Green Screen, or with Titles, Music, aspect ratio etc. It will simply copy your video straight to your output folder as is. This is useful for speeding up the process for yourself or your guests to be able to see their video within the kiosk and share it without any processing time.


Audio Track: Upload a music file / audio track to use during the video.  Select Open File to find the file from your PC.  Select Reset to remove any loaded music.  Use a third party application if you need to cut/edit the audio file to your specific needs. A site such as will work.

Audio Offset (ms): This will allow you to delay or advance your music track in milliseconds (ms). This is useful to better align your guests to the music after processing, particularly when lip syncing.

Audio Track Volume:  Adjust the volume of the audio track that is imported

Play Audio Track During Recording: Select this option to have your guests hear your music/audio track during the the video recording. Must use external speakers.

Single audio track for all segments: Uses one audio track for all segments including the intro, outro, and recorded videos.

Loop Audio: This will loop the audio once the track has completed.

Recorded Video Volume: Adjust the volume of the microphone in the final video.

Lyrics: Upload lyrics to be used during the video.  Must be in a .lrc (lyric file format) to have song lyrics appear on screen. See our Dubsmash/Karaoke/LipSync tutorial for more information.

Intro Video: Include an introduction video on the final video your guests receive.  Your guests will not see this prior to their recording, only on the final product.

Outro Video: Include an outro video on the final video your guests receive.  Your guests will not see this after their recording, only on the final product.

Crop to Aspect Ratio: Select an aspect ratio for the video to crop to from the drop down menu, or leave it disabled.

Video Loops: Allows you to create multiple loops of your recording in the finished video.

Reverse Video: Select if you would like your video to play forward then reverse with a "boomerang" effect.

Thumbnail time: Selects from what time the thumbnail for the video should be created. The time includes intro and outro video segments.

Add Video Overlay: Add an overlay image (must be .png), or overlay image sequence to your video. When selected, a new window will appear. Options in this window will change slightly based on the type of overlay you would like to add.  Check out the options below:

Video overlays will allow you to choose from these options:

Stretch Mode: Choose between Stretch, Crop, or Center for the image file.

Overlay Image: Select Open File to add an overlay Image.

Image Sequence overlay will allow you to choose from these options:

Timing Mode

Adjust to video duration: Will automatically adjust the overlay to play for the duration of the video.

Set Duration: Set the duration of how long the overlay will appear in seconds.

Set Framerate: Set a number of frames per second the images will play.


This section on the add video page will allow you to add a filter to your video. Select the filter from the list and it will be applied during processing.

Congrats! You have completed the crash course in the features and options available to you under the Add Video window in the Video tab of PBU!