This section will cover all the options available on the PPU/Printing tab of Photo Booth Upload Settings.

Please note:  To use these features, an event must be selected in the Photo Party Upload Helper with the printing option enabled. The correct printer must also be selected in the Photo Party Upload Helper. PPU uses your printer's default printer settings. You can tap the top left corner of the main screen at any time to print the last ACCEPTED photo.

Get Helper Settings: Gets all info from Photo Party Upload Helper which must be running on the same machine.

Refresh Events: Refreshes the list of events from the PPU Helper.

Auto Sync: Automatically changes the Helper's watched folder to the same as the PBU's output folder.

Watched Folder: This is the folder that the Photo Party Upload Helper will watch to upload shares, print from, and send to connected Kiosks. In most cases, this should be set to Auto sync.

Change Output Folder: Select a new output folder for PBU.

Selected Event: The currently selected event in the Helper.

Printer: Select your desired printer from the list. If your printer does not appear, make sure it appears in the Helper printer list. If it doesn't, make sure the printer is on, drivers are correctly installed, and click Refresh Printers in the Helper Configure menu.

Allow Print Only After Share: If this is checked, prints will not be created until the guest has shared to social media. If this is selected, you'll have the option to include up to 2 images warning your guests that prints are available only after sharing.

Remove Print Button: Check this box to prevent the Print option from appearing after a session when sharing is enabled in PBU.

Auto Print

Disabled: When this option is selected, photos will not automatically print after they are taken.

Number of Copies: Select the number of photos that will automatically be printed after a photo is taken.

Count Faces: Automatically counts the number of faces in a photo and prints that many copies. (must have ample light).

Disable GIF Auto Print: When this option is selected, animated GIF frames will not automatically be printed

Disable Morph Auto Print: When this option is selected, morph frames will not automatically be printed.

Disable Flipbook Printing: Will disable flipbook printing.

Max number of Prints: Limits the maximum amount of prints from the PBU share screen.

Rotate/Flip Printed Image

Use these options to change the orientation of images on prints.

You're now familiar with the PPU/Printing tab of Photo Booth Upload!