You can enable a Slideshow of images/videos/GIFs to play during your event on a separate monitor connected to the Photo Booth Upload PC. Follow along for a basic overview of the options available.

Note: To have PBU slideshow play on an attached monitor, your Windows desktop must be set to Extend. Press the Windows Key + P and select Extend.

Enable Slideshow: Check to enable slideshow features.

Slideshow Mode:

  • All images: Select this option to create a slideshow using all of the images in the watched folder
  • Most recent image: Select this option to display the most recent image taken. Unlike the all images option above, this option will not cycle through the images taken and will only display the most recent image.
  • Random: Randomly displays images within the watched folder
  • Most recent image + All: Selecting this option snaps the slideshow to the most recent image taken and then continues cycling through the images in the watched folder. You can adjust the duration that the most recent image is on the screen using the Duration(s) value.
  • Most recent image + Random: Plays the newest image taken, followed by random images.

Show on main screen: Enable to allow a slideshow to appear on the main screen of PBU. Adjust the value that appears to change the amount of seconds on inactivity it will take for the slideshow to begin.

Triple click to exit: Enable to require a triple click to exit the slideshow from the main screen.

Watched Folder

  • Auto Sync: Check this option to automatically sync the photos in the watched folder to the slideshow feature.
  • Watched Folder: Displays the file path of the watched folder. To change the watched folder, select Change Output Folder and choose another folder from your computer.

Orientation: Adjust the orientation of the slideshow.

Margin %: This will crop the monitor display.

Slide duration(s): This adjusts the amount of time (seconds) an image will appear during the slideshow.

Transition Duration(s): This adjusts the amount of time (seconds) it takes for an image to transition to the next.

Number GIF loops: This will adjust the amount of loops a GIF will play if a GIF is in the slideshow.

Overlay Image: Choose an overlay to display on your monitor. Ideally you'll want to choose an overlay that is the same resolution as the monitor.

Enable Adverts: Selecting this will allow you to have advertisements play during your slideshow. 

  • Hide Overlay during Adverts: Any applied overlay on the slideshow will be hidden during the advert
  • Adverts Folder: This will display the folder that contains your advert images or videos. Click Browse to choose a folder.
  • Advert Frequency: Adjust the number of times your adverts will appear.
    • Fixed Interval: Adjusts the amount of slides that will play between advertisements.
    • Random: Select a range of slides to play before another advertisement.


Can I connect a touch screen monitor via display port or HDMI and make that the primary customer interface?

Absolutely! You simply have to open PBU and hit the Windows Key + Right arrow key. That should move PBU to the new screen. Alternatively, you could set the new screen as the "Primary" screen in Windows display settings.

You're now familiar with the Slideshow!