Zoom-Scape is an activation in PBU that will allow you to zoom into your photo, background, and overlays. Check out an overview of the Zoom-Scape tab below.

Zoom-Scape Mode

  • Disabled: This will disable the features of Zoom-Scape
  • Auto Apply: This will automatically apply the features of a zoom-scape you create
  • User Select:This will allow the guests to choose from multiple zoom-scape's that you select for them to choose from

Zoom-Scape Settings

  • Video Framerate: This will adjust the frame rate of the zoom scapes.

Make New Zoom-Scape

This will open a window of options to create and configure your zoom-scape. It will appear like so:

Name: Name the zoom-scape

Duration (seconds): Adjusts the length of the recording.

Background Zoom: Adjusts how intensely the background is zoomed into.

Background Image File: Upload a background file by selecting Open File

Audio File: Select Open file to upload an audio file. Select Reset to remove any loaded audio tracks.

Filter: Select a filter to be applied from the drop down.

Print Full Size: This will print a full size images of your zoom-scape.

Layers: Select the + button to add a layer to your zoom-scape. This layer can be a static image or a green screen photo. The options will appear like so:

Zoom: Adjust the slide to change how intensely the zoom is applied to the static image or green screen photo.

Play: Hit the play button or drag the slider to view a preview of the current zoom-scape.


You're now familiar with the Zoom-Scape section!