Welcome to the Morph tab of PBU Settings. Here you'll see an overview of the Morph features available, allowing you to morph your guests into celebrities, animals, even a zombie!

Morphing Mode:

  • Disabled: Turns off the morphing feature.
  • Auto Apply: Automatically apply the effects of a particular morph that you select.
  • User Select: Allows the guest to choose from different morphs you select.

Make New Morphing:

Click to open a new window allowing you to create and customize a morph.

Clear All Morphings:

Removes all previous morph creations.

To duplicate a Morph, right-click the thumbnail and select Create Duplicate.

Enable Redo:

Allows guest/user to redo their Morph if the face wasn't lined up properly or the guest is unsatisfied with their picture.

Output Size:  

Selecting from these options allows you to output the final result as SD (standard definition), HD (high definition), original size, or custom with the ability to adjust the height.

Create New / Edit Morph

In this section, we'll look at the options available when creating a new Morph, or editing a preexisting one.

Name: Give your morph a title.

Background Image File: Upload a jpeg image as a background by clicking Open File next to the corresponding option. Select Reset to remove the currently uploaded file.

Overlay Image File: Add a PNG with transparency overlay by selecting Open File next to the option. Click Reset to remove the currently uploaded file.

Disable Green Screen: This will turn off the effects of using the Green Screen.

Filter: Choose to apply a filter setting by selecting a desired filter from the drop down menu.

  • Apply to whole morph: This will apply the filter to the entirety of the photo
  • Apply to guest and character: This will apply the filter to your guests photo, as well as the character they are morphing into.
  • Apply only to guest: This will cause only your guest to appear with a filter.


  • Duration (seconds): Adjust the length of the video in seconds.
  • Framerate: Adjust the framerate of the morph
  • Format: Select between Video and GIF. Clicking Video will enable a settings button that will allow you to define the number of loops you would like your morph to have, as well as any audio tracks you would like to apply.
  • Thumbnail Image Number: Adjust the value to change which image of the morph will be used as a preview thumbnail.
  • Print Full Size: With this selected, the morph will print a full size image. You can also define which image you would like to have printed
  • Configure Page Design: Select this option to Save Morphing Frames in Page Design which will allow you to have the images of your morph appear within a previously made page design.

Morph Images: Morph images will consist of either a photo of your guest, a static image (human face), or a static image (non-human face). Click  the + and - buttons to add or remove morph images. When static image is selected, you'll be prompted to upload an image file.

Face Place Holders: A face place holder is a transparent outline of a head/face that you can move and resize to define where your guest will position themselves. Press the + or - button to add or remove face place holders and align the face holder to match up with the features of the static image you are morphing into.

Chromakey Settings:

  • Live View: With this selected, any of the adjustments made to the threshold, softness, gray, or key color will effect the live view.
  • Photo: With this selected, any of the adjustments made to the threshold, softness, gray, or key color will effect the Photo as its taken.
  • Threshold: Adjusting this slider will control how aggressively the green of the green screen is removed.
  • Softness: This will adjust the edges of your guest allow them to appear more smoothly against the background
  • Gray: This will add back in gray tones like shadows. Usually left at 0.
  • Key Color: Use this or the Pick Color option to choose the green that most resembles that of the green screen being used. Using the default, vibrant green color can also work well.


Check out the links below for some examples!

Headless Horseman

Morph between Guests

Celebrity Morph

Congrats!  You're now familiar with the Morphing section. Almost ready to morph into all sorts of new people and creatures!