Here you'll have an introduction to the options available in the Misc tab of PBU. Check out the option below!

RFID / Barcode

In Progress. For immediate assistance, please write or contact Photo Party Upload Tech Support.

Advanced Options

Enable Foot Pedal Mode: Enable the Use of a foot pedal activated shutter.

Stretch Across Displays: Stretches the PBU interface across multiple monitors/displays.

Hide Cursor: Renders the cursor invisible during the activation. Cursor will reappear when the Settings option is opened.

Custom Keyboard Email:  Input a custom email domain as a shortcut for your guests to use when emailing photos. For example,;, @yourcustomemail. For more information on Custom Keyboard Email, please refer to our solution page HERE.

Edit Custom Buttons: Various button icons can be customized. Click on the button and upload an image that corresponds with the category you would like to replace. Any common graphic file in a rectangular shape or other shapes with transparency will work. The buttons will automatically re-size to fit. For more information on Editing Custom Buttons, check out our solution page HERE.

Thumbnails Scale: This enlarges the thumbnails that are displayed for samples when User Select modes are enabled for an activation.

Enable Inactivity Timeout: All screens that idle due to inactivity will return to the home screen after the set time.

Enable Age Gate: Prompts the guest to enter their birthday when they attempt to share. If they are younger than the age permitted they will not be eligible to share their media.

Credit Card

Enable Credit Card: Enable the use of the Stripe credit card feature. Feature must also be enabled within the settings of your event at

Stripe Key: Enter the Stripe key that corresponds with your stripe account and hardware.

For more information on Charging your guests, please refer to the tutorial HERE or learn how to enable Charge Guests within your Event settings, HERE


Port: This displays the LED strip name from the drop down.  

  • Refresh: Click this If you don't see the COM Port details

Refresh Interval (ms): Adjust how often the LED lights refresh in milliseconds.

Edit Patterns: Click this to access a window that allows you to upload LED patterns to specific actions of the photo booth. For example, load the rainbow pattern for when the Photo Booth is in "idle" mode, or have a blue pattern appear when your Guests take photos.

Enable LEDs: Enable and Disable the LED lights that appear around the edges of the Photo Booth.

For more information regarding LEDs, click the link HERE.

Active Tabs

Enable or Disable the tabs that appear when navigating the Settings screen of Photo Booth Upload. This is useful when you are running limited activation and want to temporarily remove unused tabs. You have the option to remove tabs for, Page Designer, Filters, Green Screen, Video, GIF, Slideshow, Zoom-Scape, Light Paint, Morph, and VR360.

You're now familiar with the options and features available to you on the Misc tab of Photo Booth Upload!