Here you'll learn about Tilt Shift which allows you to manufacture a fake horizontal or circular depth of field to your media. Follow along below for steps on how to create this type of filter.


Launch Photo Party Upload and click S on the keyboard to open the settings. Then navigate to the Filters tab.


On the Filters tab, you'll see a selection of Filters on the bottom row. Scroll to the right until finding and click the Tilt Shift filter.


Once selected, you'll see a few options appear under the Filter Settings box, your options will appear like so:

Horizontal: Click horizontal if you want to create a horizontal space that is in focus. 

Circular: Click circular if you want to define a circular space that is in focus

Gradient: This slider will adjust the length of blurring outside your selected area. The lower the gradient percentage the shorter the progressive blurring, the higher the longer the progressive blurring

Saturation: Adjust the saturation or slider to define the vividness of color for the image. The lower the saturation is, the less color there will be. The higher the saturation, the more intense the color will be  Play with the slider to choose the perfect look for you.

Blur Radius: This will adjust how aggressively the blur effects appear around the area that is in focus. The higher the value, the more blurry the radius will appear.

Preview: Select Preview to see an updated preview of the current effects


Click Horizontal or Circular based on your desired preference.  In this example, we'll choose Horizontal. With the mouse or touch screen, click on the image in the Filter Preview and drag up or down to create 2 black horizontal lines. The space between the two lines will become focused, while the space outside the lines will become blurry. Once you let go of the click, the focus and blur effects will update to the parameters you created. If Circular was selected, a circle will appear instead of two horizontal lines and will function the same way. In this instance, the horizontal lines will appear in the Filter preview like so:


Once you have selected an area to be in focus, you can adjust the gradient, saturation, and blur radius to your preferences to define the colors and areas of your image that are in focus. Click Preview to update the Filter Preview to the settings you have adjusted.


Once you are satisfied with your settings, make sure Filter mode is on  Auto Apply or User Select with Tilt Shift selected. Click OK at the bottom and get ready to take some photos with horizontal or circular depth of field adjustments!

Hooray!  You created a Tilt Shift filter!