Sometimes you want darker blacks and lighter whites for your black and white photos.  Use the Black and White Glamour filter to achieve those effects. Follow along below for details on setting that up!


Launch Photo Booth Upload and click S on the keyboard to open the Settings. Then navigate to the Filters tab.


On the Filters tab, scroll through the list of available filters at the bottom and find the filter labeled Black and White Glamour.


Once the Black and White Glamour filter is selected, you'll see a few options under Filter Settings appear. The options appear and function as follows:

Contrast:  Raises and lowers range between blacks and white.

Smooth:  Adds softing effect on the surface of the photo.

Edges:  Adjusts the line definition in the photo.

Preview:  Select Preview to update the Preview Image to the latest settings.


Adjust the Contrast, Smooth, and Edges sliders to create a soft black and white filter or dynamic raw image based on your preferences.


Once you have made your preferences, make sure to enable the Filter by clicking Auto Apply or User select and you'll be all set to take photos with the Black and White Glamour filter!

You are successfully versed in the Black and White Glamour Filter!