The SIDEKICK is an all in one Printer sharing solution that perfectly pairs with the INFINITE photo booth.  It has the ability to hold a printer, and two sharing tablets.  Follow along below for more details.


The SIDEKICK is an all in one Printer sharing solution that perfectly pairs with the INFINITE photo booth.  The SIDEKICK continues the sleek design of the INFINITE, including programmable LED lights, hidden cords, and a dark aluminum finish.  This stand can house most dye sublimation printers.  And if that's not enough, it holds up to two attachable tablet mounts making it a perfect solution for sharing, printing, and hashtag printing. For further information, check out our SIDEKICK product webpage HERE.


How does the SIDEKICK operate?

The roof or shell of the SIDEKICK is mounted on a hinge, allowing you to open the top, place your printer in the body of the SIDEKICK and provides power to your printer and LEDs  using a power strip with AC and USB sockets that is mounted inside the shell. Then additional cables can be placed through the interior of the pole and out the base at the bottom. When your printer is in place and the shell closed, the prints will be caught in the built in print catcher. Using the PBU software, you can also control the patterns and color that appear on the top edges of the SIDEKICK.

What are the dimensions and weight of the SIDEKICK?

Height - 35",Width 14.5", Depth 22.5",
Tablet holder height - 42", with both holders, the width expands from 14.5 to 24.5" wide. weight is 35 Lbs without printer

Interior dimesions:

12.94 inches wide x 20.10 inches deep (minus ~3 inches for cables and power strip) x 7 inches high.

What printers can fit inside?

The printers we have tested and know will fit include: 

Mitsubishi CPD70

DNP DS40, and 620A.

Brava 21

How do I change the LED colors?

To change the pattern or colors, connect the USB from the lights to the INFINITE photo booth (or your Windows computer) that runs Pattern Paint and save the pattern you desire to the chip. Please note that when creating a pattern for the SIDEKICK in Pattern Paint, the strip height is 29. Check out our Blinky Tape solution HERE for a bit more information.


This SIDEKICK is currently displaying a sleek blue LED color and mounted with two PPU Kiosk sharing holders allowing your guests to share and print. Notice the Print catcher to collect all the printed images as well.

SIDEKICKS can be configured to have 0-2 sharing holders mounted on the device. Notice the hinge is where the shell of the SIDEKICK opens from.

The overall SIDEKICK unit.