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Creating an event is the next step in your Photo Party Upload adventure. Your event settings will dictate what kind of sharing is available to your guests.

All event creation is done on the Event Manager website (login.photopartyupload.com). Navigate there and sign into your PPU account to get started!

We'll go over the most important details for your event in this tutorial, but we won't cover everything. You can find specifics for all the event settings in the Photo Party Upload solutions category under Event Manager, or follow the link HERE.

1. Event Details

The first thing you see when you log in is a series of green tabs going from Events to Billing. You should already be on the Events tab, but if not, make sure you click it so you're on the right page. Next, click the button at the bottom of the page named Create New Event.

You'll now see all the options for creating an event on the left, starting with Event Details.

Before you proceed, you must enter an Event Date, Event Name, and City. All other fields are optional.

It’s a good idea to name your event something unique and recognizable. This is an internal name and will not be visible to your guests.

Keep in mind that events will expire 30 hours after the beginning of the date that you enter. For example: if you set your event date to March 3rd, your event will expire at 6 AM on March 4th. If you are experimenting with event settings, it’s a good idea to set the event date well in the future so that it does not unexpectedly become unavailable.

If you have a multi-day event, and are on the Pay Per Upload, Unlimited Monthly, or Unlimited Yearly subscription, you can create a single event in Event Manager by entering the last day of your event as the Event Date. With those three packages, your single event will work for all your event days. If you have the $30 Per Event package and you are planning an event that spans multiple days, you will need to create a separate event for each day. If you need multiple events that are identical or similar, you can copy an event after it has been created. Then, simply adjust the event date, and any other necessary details.

The Country you select for your event impacts the country code that is automatically added to any text messages shared from your event (to override this, guests need only add + and then their country code when entering their number).

Once you Submit your event, you will not be able to change your Event Date.

Important note: Any changes you make to your event will not be saved until you hit Submit and then Accept the Terms of Service.

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